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New Places Explored…

December 14, 2015

I took an alternative route home after my hairdressing appointment on Saturday on a mere whim. It culminated in the discovery of a place I never before visited and now wish I had done so often. I will be going back now I know its location. The place? A literal treasure trove of artifacts, objects, and delightful items displayed in the Old Strathcona Antique Mall. This building is full from top to bottom with a huge variety of objects, from furniture to toys to books. As you can image I browsed the books shelves for quite some time!


Although most of the ‘antiques’ were modern to my experience, after all in England we have relics from the bronze, iron and Roman eras and antiques can be as old as 11th-century furniture, it was a fascinating experience. There was so much to see in the main floors and each booth. I am determined to carefully pick sections to visit next time enabling me to give each one my undivided attention.

We all tend to stick to the normal routine of our lives and become dull and lifeless but a simple change of direction, exploring a new place or even reading a different genre, can bring surprise and delight.

I find being open to new experiences keeps me interested and vital but also gives me excellent sources of inspiration for my stories.

Have you ‘discover’ something new recently? Care to share?

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Special items like these are too precious not to share.

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