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Lost Words of the Skies…

January 4, 2016

star n cloud

With kind permission from Stephen who compiled this wonderful site,  – I am sharing words lost in modern day language.

Cosmogyral      1808 -1808
whirling round the universe
The great cosmogyral peregrinations of galaxies follow simple physical laws.

Inocciduous    1656 -1658
of a star, never setting
Polaris was his inocciduous guide as he trekked across the Great Plains.

Nepheliad      1818 -1821
Like a nepheliad, the skydiver dove gracefully through the clouds.

Sparsile        1891 -1891
of a star, not included in any constellation
The prevalence of sparsile stars today reflects technical advances in telescopy.

Now the fun part to make up a paragraph using them all…

With great determination nepheliad floated upward reaching for the sparsile, which sparkled inocciduous in its cosmogyral path in the dark sky.

Why not have a try?


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