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Lost Words of Music…

January 11, 2016


With kind permission from Stephen who compiled this wonderful site,  – I am sharing words lost in modern day language.

Citharize    1623-1692

To play the harp – If you plan to citharize, prepare to build up calluses on your fingers.

Gipseian  1749-1749

Belonging or pertaining to gypsies – The gipseian rhythms made her feel as if she were in the Middle East.

Psalloid  1756-1895

resembling a harp or stringed instrument – Her renown as a maker of psalloid instruments led to a position at the royal court.

Now the fun part to make up a paragraph using them all…

The gipseian troupe encircled the campfire as the young woman citharize the unusual psalloid instrument that vaguely resembled a harp.

Can you form a sentence with these words?

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