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Interview with Mandy Eve-Barnett, Author

July 26, 2016

Thanks to Eva for the great interview!

Beyond the Precipice

I am happy to have Mandy Eve-Barnett as my guest today. Thank you, Mandy, for joining me here on my website.

Mandy, can you tell us about yourself and your background? What do you currently do outside of writing?

AuthorPhotoPrior to immigrating to Canada I lived in England, where I ran my own company for over 20 years. Although I have always been creative and experimented in everything from paint to clay to textiles, it was not until a chance visit to a local writing group in Canada that I ‘discovered’ a passion for the written word. My ‘day’ job is in a credit department, so there is no creativity in that! However, I make up for ‘lost’ time when I am off work and can delve into my imagination. I escape to the library, the mountains or anywhere I can selfishly immerse myself into my imaginary worlds.

What books…

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