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4 Authors, 7-Day Book Challenge, Amazing Experiences

October 21, 2016

This was a fun exercise. Thanks to Eva for requesting my participation.

Beyond the Precipice

With all the photo challenges going on this month, I decided to invent my own: the Book Challenge, which states,

For each of 7 days, post a picture of an event, interview, work-in-progress, or anything book/writing-related and tell us about it.

Immediately, I had four interested authors, whose daily posts have been compiled here. Books mentioned are available through Amazon or Dream Write Publishing (Linda and Mandy).

Meet our four Book Challenge authors

authors-piccollage-2016-10-13-12_32_49 Top, left to right: Linda, Mandy. Bottom, left to right: Dolly, Leslie


Linda J. Pedley, Publisher (Dream Write Publishing) and Author

post1-mywritinglifeThanks to Eva for nominating me as I always have something book-related!!

My Writing Life

Mandy Eve-Barnett, Author

post1-witp2016Words in the Park 2016–book launch for Clickety-Click, my YA mystery.

Dolly Dennis, Author

post1-dolly_torontobooklaunch-june2014-identitiesblockedMy Toronto launch of Loddy-Dah, June 2014.

Leslie Hodgins, WIP

post1-story5yrsThis is a story I’ve been working on for 5…

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