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Announcing My Blog Schedule for 2017…

December 26, 2016


For those of you who follow me, you will know I plan my blog schedule during December for the following year. I decide on posting frequency, and the subjects or themes I will cover. In the past I have used a word of the day – everyday, which was intense coming up with a blog post utilizing that word. I have also posted about writing topics, featured author interviews, partnered with other bloggers and even serialized my children’s story, Clickety Click. In 2016, I revised and published this YA story and it is available as print at OR

Click crop cover

All these variety of forms have given me the ability to connect with wonderful writers and readers from around the world. I am most thankful for everyone that has dropped by, commented and re-blogged, it makes all the effort so worth while.


In 2016, my writing life continued to grow. Through attending a wealth of events from book fairs to author readings and more, not only did I sell my books but also met readers, which is always fun. Coupled with some amazing road trips, 2016 was a good year for inspiration and writing. I completed a series of rewrites (three to be precise) for my speculative fiction novel, Life in Slake Patch and should have it published in 2017. My other manuscript, a reincarnation romance, The Twesome Loop is still  in the revision stage so I am a little behind on it’s completion due to the extra Slake revisions, however I will continue to edit it and should have it ready for publication late in 2017.

My aim for 2017 is to edit and revise two manuscripts – so I will be continuing with The Twesome Loop and then, if time allows, a suspense novel, The Giving Thief.  Another smaller project is in it’s fledgling stage at this time, which is another children’s book, it is slowly emerging in my mind. I have partnered with an illustrator I have worked with before (Rumble’s First Scare) to begin pictures for this story. Matty McClutchie can make ‘real’ my vision of the characters and the world they inhabit.The story is set on another planet – and that is all you get!

So without further ado here is my 2017 schedule: Posts will continue to go live at 10.30 AM ( MST)


I will post on Monday:  EVENTS – whether personal or from any writer, author, blogger or follower. I invite you to share your writing or book events, whether virtually or locally. I will also share any events in regard to the two Boards I volunteer with, firstly my writing group, Writers Foundation of Strathcona County as Secretary and also The Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County as President.


On Wednesday: WRITING HUB – I will also welcome involvement from my followers for – book reviews, writing updates, writing tips, writing style, character interviews and short stories. I will invite discussions on new genres, books, publishing, etc.


Fridays will be – FRIDAY FUN – writing and reading humor, and inspirational quotes. In essence writer and reader focused to lift our spirits and encourage our Muse. Please feel free to share your favorites.


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