Welcome Back, Mandy Eve-Barnett!

Thanks to Eva Blaskovic for interviewing me again!

Beyond the Precipice

Today’s Where Are They Now? series features author is Mandy Eve-Barnett from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

Mandy Eve-Barnett at Audreys Books in Edmonton, Alberta. July 8, 2017.

Since her interview last summer, Mandy released Clickety-Click in October 2016 and a new cover for The Rython Kingdom in April 2017. She discusses these and her other titles in Interview with Mandy Eve-Barnett, Author (July 2016).

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Interview with Mandy Eve-Barnett

Author Mandy Eve-Barnett

Mandy currently lives in Alberta, Canada but is originally from England. Her background is diverse and gives her rich experience to utilize in her writing.  She has traveled throughout Europe, parts of America and Canada and was born in Africa.

Mandy is passionate about creative writing to the point of obsession, and she succeeded in becoming a published author in record time…

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