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Friday Fun for Writers, Authors & Readers…

July 28, 2017


Two thingsrituals


A writers desk:

writer workspace

Are you brave enough to share yours? Here’s mine.

Desk 2015



  1. Fun and oh so true in every way. You have an idea; write the story after months of work and then. . .sometimes nothing. So you have an idea, write a story and. . .so on. Where’s the glory? I just don’t know. If your story is published and you have a huge following with loving family and friends, you may get a good following or maybe not.
    I’ve just finished two books and they are at my publisher as we speak. I intend to work on a street team. You buy my incredibly amazing book, write a review and send me a note. For this you receive a gift from me and that’s a promise. Be a part of my street team and do all the good stuff. Guaranteed you will be the recipient of a super special gift you’ll love.


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