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Wordsmith’s Collective Thursday – Running a Book Contest

October 6, 2022

As authors are are always thinking up ways to promote our books, and one such endeavour is to run a contest. These can be run through several online platforms, or locally. Many are to win a copy of your latest novel, or a book bundle along with other authors. Some are publisher run, others book platform run.

I collaborate with a local bookstore to run an annual colouring contest for my children’s picture book, Rumble’s First Scare. (We had a hiatus the last two years unfortunately). As the story has a Halloween theme the contest runs in October. I have colouring sheets of one image from the book, which is handed out and create a prize basket full of goodies in relation to the book and it’s character.

As the contest is for children, I add parental contest on the colouring page and request their permission for the winner’s photograph to be on my social media. I never use the child’s full name or address. The prize basket consists of a Rumble hat and T-shirt, monster slippers, puzzles, monster type toys and candy. I place extra copies of the book in the bookstore, while the contest is running. The deadline is prior to Halloween and the prize presented in the bookstore.

Not only am I supporting a local bookstore, the Sherwood Park Bookworm, but promoting my book and myself locally.

What book promotions have you run?

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