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Bibliophile Collective Tuesday – Breaking the Macho Hero Mold

March 28, 2023

With the resounding success of Everything Everywhere at Once the conversation has turned to non-typical heroes. This is a good thing, not only for viewers, writers and readers, but for society as a whole.

Women have been objectified for far too long by filmmakers, the media and the fashion industry. Now is the time to celebrate women, who have been, and are heroes, in everyday life for their families, their careers, themselves. They nurture, accomplish, protect and succeed in all walks of life, at every age and in every ethnicity. The cultivated image of a female distorts and decimates what women are in ‘real’ life. That needs to change. We grow older, put on weight, have wrinkles – we are flesh and blood.

There are a growing number of novels with midlife women as the main protagonists. The topics range from later in life romances, to empty nesters getting a new lease on life to life after divorce, or death of a spouse. These are to be celebrated – it is real life and it shows the strength of women.

In my romance/reincarnation novel, The Twesome Loop, I have a protagonist, who is downtrodden in both of her lives and finds a way out from under her tormentors.

Year 2000 – Melissa is a single midlife woman, who cared for her aging parents until their deaths, sacrificing her own personal life to do so. She is targeted by a man whose only interest is her fortune. He tricks her into marriage. She finds her strength and self worth in an unlikely place.

Year 1800 – Gabriella is a young woman forced into a marriage of convenience by her father to further his standing in society. She is instrumental in ridding herself of her cruel, domination older husband.

You will find that my adult novels feature strong women in one way or another. They may have to find their strength, or have to rely on it. Either way they are the heroes.

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