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Newest release – Official book launch 30th September 2017 at Words in the Park.

The Twesome Loop

Is it possible to change our destiny, break free from the echoes of our past lives? The Twesome Loop is an erotic romance novel with a reincarnation twist. A picturesque Italian Villa holds a hidden past of a pact that cannot be broken – a secret untold. Passion, pleasure, and pain play their part as seemingly chance meetings reveal secrets and hidden agendas. One dark secret is coupled with a burning desire to extract revenge. It will see four guests re-living their past lives – for love, for lust, and for revenge. Who will win and who will lose?

The Twesome Loop made the Best seller list in Edmonton! Whoop.

Edmonton Bestsellers from October 9th to October 15th  -Edmonton Fiction Bestsellers

1. This is All a Lie – Thomas Trofimuk 
2. Maybe This Time: A Colorado Ice Novel – Jennifer Show 
3, Raincheck – Marlo Lanz 
4. Origin – Dan Brown
5. This Wound is a World (Poetry) – Billy-Ray Belcourt 
6. Alice Network – Kate Quinn
7. A Legacy of Spies – John Le Carre
8. Left-Handed Dinner Party & Other Stories – Myrl Coulter 
9. Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro
10. Twesome Loop – Mandy Eve-Barnett 

The Rython Kingdom – The famed troubadour, Guillem, attends the king’s court to recite a marvelous tale but his suspicions are raised by a strange servant. With the help of a wizened old woman and her beautiful granddaughter, Guillem attempts to outwit a witch to save the kingdom from murder and mayhem. He then finds himself part of a ritual for life everlasting with the entrancing and mysterious Juliana.



Reviews for The Rython Kingdom:

Review by: Linda J. Pedley on Aug. 12, 2012 : star star star star star
Be ready for surprises and action along the way – you will love the renowned troubadour, Guillem, as he shares a dreamlike tale with a spellbound audience. You will lose yourself as part of that audience whilst he tells his story with such cunning that worlds collide. Magic, witches, creatures, and mayhem abound – the author provides you a front row seat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Review by: Lisa Nikolits‘s review Jun 14, 14  star star star star 

Like a magical fairytale of olde, this battle between ancient scaly evil and noble valor is a spellbinding page-turner. You feel as if you are seated at the king’s table, feasting among ladies and knights, and listening to the troubadour tell tales within tales. This novella is nicely done!
Review by: Loraine Gordan, Macau  Review November 5, 2015  starstarstarstarstar
I had a very lazy day last Sunday and shut myself away in my bedroom and read all day. Every time the kids tried to disturb me I told them to go away as I was reading Mandy’s book. What a great book. I loved how you told the story and that then a story was also told within the book by Guillem. I had to keep reading all day as I really had no idea where the story would take me and was so keen to get to the next part. I loved the magical part of the story. Loraine Gordon, Macau.
Review by: Suzi Burkett, Tahoe  Review Feburary 14, 2016 starstarstarstar
The story of Guillem, a proud knight, and hero among his people, is full of intrigue and magic. The ancient setting draws you into a world of witches and incantations. There is an adventurous and satisfying love story as well. The author gives excellent attention to the details of the period which creates a wonderfully mysterious retreat for the reader.
Review by: Doreen Pollard, Newbury, UK  review 4th November 2016 starstarstarstar
By JEFF POLLARD on 4 November 2016
Short novel but a good read.
Review by: Jackie Brown, Newbury, UK review 31st January 2017 starstarstarstarstar
Hi just finished your book, loved it, couldn’t put it down on the last few chapters. I have bought another one to pass to Maddie as didn’t want her to have the one you wrote in for me. Will look forward to your other books xx

A review of The Rython Kingdom – The Rython Kingdom on Feb. 21, 2017

This is now one of my favourite novellas because not only is there elements of mystery but there are hidden riddles and every page turned made me question who can be trusted? Very intriguing! I felt like I was right there with the characters listening to Guillem’s tale. I marvel at the idea of a story written within a story, so brilliantly accomplished. But most of all, I love Guillem and Juliana’s tenacious bond and forever link – the way love should be. Jena

on August 6, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

To begin with, I have to be upfront and say this is not the type of reading that attracts me. I’m more a thriller or true life girl – or basically anything that is NOT sci-fi, fantasy etc.

Minor spoilers:

With that aside, I have to say that this novella had me engrossed from the first page. The writing has a lyrical quality that is a pleasure to read and the plot interesting and engaging. I had bated breath when the evil forces were being battled, I rooted for the two love birds and worried about the outcome.

It was a quick read, although I started it later in the evening and I had to read it late into the night because no way was I putting it down!

All in all, a great read and I am looking forward to the next installment!!

New review for The Rython Kingdom in my local newspaper – 26th September 2017

shpk news review

If you are unsure what Guillem’s profession is – here is a great link about troubadours.
And listen to medieval music here:

WPJ coverThe Writing Prompt Journey includes 20 writing exercises designed to challenge and improve a writer’s skills. Mandy contributed five pieces of prose for this book. She read several at the Books as Beacons author reading at Second Cup, Sherwood Park on 7th March 2012. Purchase this book from


Your Lifetime of Stories – The practical suggestions included in the pages of this book will suggest to you ways you can identify, record, and organize your collection of memories so you can begin to write your stories. It is not a how to write but a how to begin workbook.

Contributing authors: Mandy Eve-Barnett, Linda J. Pedley, and Karen Probert

Inclusion in – My word is on page 189 – check it out!IPPY-Gold_Medal


An Exciting Update – My Word, We Won IPPY Gold!

Congratulations, Mandy! The IPPY judges have recently awarded A Rewording Life the coveted Gold prize for Best Regional Non-Fiction, Canada East (see image above). Since I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without your chimerical, quirky and/or edifying sentence, I humbly share this triumphant win with you: thank you, thank you, thank you.
I feel so honored and privileged. Collaborating with people who make my life rewarding was a gift in and of itself; sharing a gold medal with you is a quixotic cliché I hadn’t even fathomed (to be honest, I feel like a winner every time I stumble on a fiddly word that used to send me straight to the dictionary, but no longer does).
A Rewording Life: it really is the book that keeps on rewarding/rewording. 🙂
Fundraising Update
As of today, we have raised USD $5678 (CAD $7723) for the Alzheimer Society. Thank you to the Maritime Beauty Supply who recently made a stunning $1000 donation. This truly beautiful gesture certainly made me turn my head. More fundraising info here.
Buy the Book and/or Continue to Spread the Word
Congratulations again, fellow logophile! And heartfelt thanks for continuing to add meaning to my wor(l)d!
Sheryl Gordon

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