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The Writing Prompt Journey includes 20 writing exercises designed to challenge and improve a writer’s skills. Mandy contributed five pieces of prose for this book. She read several at the Books as Beacons author reading at Second Cup, Sherwood Park on 7th March 2012. Purchase this book from

The Rython Kingdom – The famed troubadour, Guillem, attends the king’s court to recite a marvelous tale but his suspicions are raised by a strange servant. With the help of a wizened old woman and her beautiful granddaughter, Guillem attempts to outwit a witch to save the kingdom from murder and mayhem. He then finds himself part of a ritual for life everlasting with the entrancing and mysterious Juliana.



Excerpt  from The Rython Kingdom

A wizened old lady shuffled her way towards them aided by a striking looking woman, who took Guillem’s breath away. Her beauty stunned him into silence.

 “Is this he?”

 “This indeed is the troubadour I told you about, Elviva.”

 “The tale you tell, is it of your own making?”

 “I…well it is in some manner…the tale came to me in a dream.”

 The old woman grasped Guillem’s hand, her flesh thin, akin to paper.

 “As I suspected she has bewitched you storyteller. The tale you tell is of her design for some dark purpose. Tell me are you near story’s end?”

 “My narrative will conclude this very evening.”

 “Are there incantations within?”

 “Yes, words I shall not speak as they burn in my mind. I dare not voice them.”

 “I shall need parchment and quill, majesty.”

 “Take what you require, Elviva, there is plenty at your disposal here.”

 The old woman beckoned her granddaughter closer and whispered into her ear. Guillem watched the young woman divide the parchment into six pieces and dip the quill into ink.

 “You will recite the first two lines of the incantation to me while Juliana notes them.”

 “But… will we not incur the wrath of Malgraf?”

 “It is only when the words are spoken in their rightful order do they release their power. Follow my instructions precisely and the evil shall be contained.”

 Guillem relayed the words in the order, Elviva directed while Juliana wrote them on separate pieces of parchment.

 “Careful not to let the edges touch or to read the words together, my child.”

 “As you say, Eldenma.”

 At the strange endearment, Guillem looked up at Juliana. Their eyes locked and he experienced a yearning never before felt. Such dark eyes… seemingly fathomless.

 “No time, story teller for other matters, let us continue.”

 The old woman’s husky voice broke into his trance. How could this maiden entrance him so – had he not had his fill of willing maidens?

“The last lines will be spoken separately and noted the same.”

 Juliana moved the last piece of parchment to the opposite end of the table and then stood at her grandmother’s side.

 “Your majesty, there is a part of this ritual that requires you play a part.”

 “Elviva, I am willing to assist if it means destroying the sorceress. What will you have me do?”

 “Blood must be spilt…”

 “Blood, come now, is this necessary?”

 “Quite necessary, sire, for without it the papers will assemble releasing the words then no amount of fighting will conquer the pure evil contained therein.”

 “We must be guided by Elviva, Guillem; I have every reason to trust her.”

 “Your majesty, I shall be guided by your example.”

 Elviva unsheathed a small dagger that caught the firelight on its blade. With a deft movement, she pierced her palm and let blood drop onto one part of the transcript. Juliana held out her hand and did not flinch when the blade cut, even though Guillem did. Not wanting to be diminished in the maiden’s eyes Guillem held out his palm. The dagger sliced, beads of blood seeped onto another page. Then Elviva faced the king who nodded his ascent. His hand was steady as the soothsayer punctured it with the blade’s tip. Each of the six sections were smeared with blood and cast into the fire. As the parchment burnt, flames of intense purple flared, all the while Elviva chanted under her breath.

 “I shall fashion new words for you to speak, tale teller, which will reveal those shielded by magic. His majesty has made provision for extra guards within the great hall, I do believe.”

 “Indeed, Elviva, some disguised as servants and others as courtiers concealing our true number to tackle any opposition.”

 “More parchment, Juliana.”

 Guillem watched as Juliana gently placed more parchment before her elderly companion and then dipped the quill into the ink. The insertion of the quill had his thoughts on delights he could enjoy with this enticing maid. The quill tip scratched across the dry paper. Elviva’s hand shook making the letters spidery in form.

 “Read what I have written, Guillem, but do not voice it. If you are unsure of a word please point it out to me.”

 Guillem took the offered paper and read the text. The scribble before him took some time to decipher but he did manage to read every line. He nodded his understanding to Elviva.

 “My part is done, your highness. If I may take my leave, this work leaves me undone.”

 “You have been of great service this night, Elviva; I have made arrangements for you to stay within the castle tonight.”

Reviews for The Rython Kingdom:

Review by: Linda J. Pedley on Aug. 12, 2012 : star star star star star
Be ready for surprises and action along the way – you will love the renowned troubadour, Guillem, as he shares a dreamlike tale with a spellbound audience. You will lose yourself as part of that audience whilst he tells his story with such cunning that worlds collide. Magic, witches, creatures, and mayhem abound – the author provides you a front row seat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Review by: Lisa Nikolits‘s review Jun 14, 14  star star star star 

Like a magical fairytale of olde, this battle between ancient scaly evil and noble valor is a spellbinding page-turner. You feel as if you are seated at the king’s table, feasting among ladies and knights, and listening to the troubadour tell tales within tales. This novella is nicely done!
Review by: Loraine Gordan, Macau  Review November 5, 2015  starstarstarstarstar
I had a very lazy day last Sunday and shut myself away in my bedroom and read all day. Every time the kids tried to disturb me I told them to go away as I was reading Mandy’s book. What a great book. I loved how you told the story and that then a story was also told within the book by Guillem. I had to keep reading all day as I really had no idea where the story would take me and was so keen to get to the next part. I loved the magical part of the story. Loraine Gordon, Macau.
Review by: Suzi Burkett, Tahoe  Review Feburary 14, 2016 starstarstarstar
The story of Guillem, a proud knight, and hero among his people, is full of intrigue and magic. The ancient setting draws you into a world of witches and incantations. There is an adventurous and satisfying love story as well. The author gives excellent attention to the details of the period which creates a wonderfully mysterious retreat for the reader.
Review by: Doreen Pollard, Newbury, UK  review 4th November 2016 starstarstarstar
By JEFF POLLARD on 4 November 2016
Short novel but a good read.
Review by: Jackie Brown, Newbury, UK review 31st January 2017 starstarstarstarstar
Hi just finished your book, loved it, couldn’t put it down on the last few chapters. I have bought another one to pass to Maddie as didn’t want her to have the one you wrote in for me. Will look forward to your other books xx

A review of The Rython Kingdom – The Rython Kingdom on Feb. 21, 2017

This is now one of my favourite novellas because not only is there elements of mystery but there are hidden riddles and every page turned made me question who can be trusted? Very intriguing! I felt like I was right there with the characters listening to Guillem’s tale. I marvel at the idea of a story written within a story, so brilliantly accomplished. But most of all, I love Guillem and Juliana’s tenacious bond and forever link – the way love should be. Jena

If you are unsure what Guillem’s profession is – here is a great link about troubadours.
And listen to medieval music here:
Words in the Park – 19th October, 2013. Postcards for e-book ordering, glowing orb and handmade bookmarks for The Rython Kingdom on display.
Oct 2013       Authors for Altruism – December 2013
Rython Altiusm
Attending Word on the Street, Lethbridge 21st Sept 2014
ready-for-the-crowds    Words in the Park 25th October 2014
Words in the Park 2015
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Your Lifetime of Stories – The practical suggestions included in the pages of this book will suggest to you ways you can identify, record, and organize your collection of memories so you can begin to write your stories. It is not a how to write but a how to begin workbook.

Contributing authors: Mandy Eve-Barnett, Linda J. Pedley, and Karen Probert

Inclusion in – My word is on page 189 – check it out!IPPY-Gold_Medal


An Exciting Update – My Word, We Won IPPY Gold!

Congratulations, Mandy! The IPPY judges have recently awarded A Rewording Life the coveted Gold prize for Best Regional Non-Fiction, Canada East (see image above). Since I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without your chimerical, quirky and/or edifying sentence, I humbly share this triumphant win with you: thank you, thank you, thank you.
I feel so honored and privileged. Collaborating with people who make my life rewarding was a gift in and of itself; sharing a gold medal with you is a quixotic cliché I hadn’t even fathomed (to be honest, I feel like a winner every time I stumble on a fiddly word that used to send me straight to the dictionary, but no longer does).
A Rewording Life: it really is the book that keeps on rewarding/rewording. 🙂
Fundraising Update
As of today, we have raised USD $5678 (CAD $7723) for the Alzheimer Society. Thank you to the Maritime Beauty Supply who recently made a stunning $1000 donation. This truly beautiful gesture certainly made me turn my head. More fundraising info here.
Buy the Book and/or Continue to Spread the Word
Congratulations again, fellow logophile! And heartfelt thanks for continuing to add meaning to my wor(l)d!
Sheryl Gordon

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