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Succumb…to love?

March 13, 2013

Succumb – definition: 1) to yield or give in to force or pressure 2) to die

Twesome Loop 002

I am sharing an excerpt from my reincarnation love story here, The Twesome Loop. Two of the main characters succumb to the inevitable even though neither of them have any idea what is happening. They meet in an Italian villa.

At breakfast Gerald helped himself to coffee and went onto the patio. There he discovered he was not alone, a woman was lying on a divan, reading. He watched for a moment then approached her to introduce himself. As she turned to face him, he felt drawn to her. A feeling of recognition but how could that be with a complete stranger?

Melissa turned at the sound of footsteps and faced a tall distinguished looking dark haired man. The sudden rush of belonging and love that overwhelmed her, took her breath away. Whatever was going on? She didn’t even know this man but sensed a recollection of sorts. She must pull herself together and make an introduction. She was not a silly teenager with a crush.

Gerald noticed that she had a shocked expression on her face, much the same as he imagined he had. They reached out to each other simultaneously. What an odd feeling knowing a complete stranger. Gerald couldn’t reason with himself or resist the strong urge to hold this woman tightly in his arms. Straining to control himself, Gerald stepped closer and held out his hand but Melissa was already too close his hand grasped around her waist, it was the most natural thing to do.

His touch was electrifying and familiar. She shook her head unprepared for what her eyes were showing her.       Everything around Gerald dissolved and all he could do was look into her pale blue eyes and know them from long ago. As he gazed into Melissa’s eyes, he knew she was as lost as he was. Recognition but how can you know a complete stranger instantly? With total certainty Gerald knew she was what he had been searching for his whole life. This woman was his life without any doubt.

Gerald looked down at her and gently released his grip. At last he found his voice and introduced himself.

“Hello, I’m Gerald. Gerald Conway-Smythe.”

“I’m Melissa…… Melissa Shaw. Where have you come from? Do I know you?”

Confused Gerald blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.

“I came from my room, actually. How about I fetch us some fresh coffee?”

“Oh, yes alright, that would be lovely, Gerald, thank you.”

Gerald needed time to think. His offer to get coffee would give him that time while he organized cups, milk and sugar on a tray. He needed to make sense of these pervasive emotions. As he walked back to Melissa, he glimpsed a different scene. She was in a long gown with her long hair coiled high upon her head. Where had that come from? He stopped in mid stride unsure if he was experiencing a hallucination.

“Gerald, are you alright?”

The concern on Melissa’s face broke his paralysis, he could never worry her.

“I’m sorry a touch of déjà vu I believe, although it had the strangest effect on me. I saw you in costume and your hair coiffured but the surroundings were exactly the same.”

“Thank goodness, I thought I was going mad. I saw you in a long frock coat and stockings. Whatever is going on?”

“I may have an explanation but need to do some research first. In the meantime let’s have coffee and enjoy this wonderful vista.”

“If you can explain this oddity I will be amazed and grateful all at the same time.”

Gerald resolved to investigate this strange occurrence but for now he knew with complete certainty that whatever happened, he would care for Melissa for the rest of his days. There were forces at work here that he could not comprehend at the moment. It was probably best to go with the flow and see where it led him.

English: The Victorians and some Edwardians wo...

English: The Victorians and some Edwardians wore frock coat suits like this in check and tweed much as we would a tweed lounge suit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As always I’m open to comments, don’t be shy. This novel still has a lot of editing required.

Now Here’s A Challenge…

February 18, 2013

Chitterlings – definition: 1) a ruffled frill on the front of a shirt. 2) a food dish made from port intestines: also, chitlins


I’m setting a challenge today…if you so choose to participate. Use both definitions in the same short story or poem! I’ve pondered for a while and this is the result.

Dressed in ruffled frill

Ebony jacket and trousers

Paired with shiny shoes

A dashing image made


A classy restaurant

Candle-lit and romantic

First date, first impressions

Nervously waiting


Her shapely figure before him

A friendly smile

And chased kiss upon his cheek

Candle flicker


Menu’s pondered

Surprise at her choice


Agreement to taste


Plates served

 Perfectly presented cuisine

Small bite tasted

Unexpectedly good


Her gentle laughter

And statement of soul food

Calmed his nerves

A great first date

Chitlins in broth.

Chitlins in broth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Phlyctena…my response to this word…

February 16, 2013

This word was just too good not to use as a prompt. Can you share yours?


It started with a slight itch on my wrist, one of those persistent itches that become so annoying. Apart from a slight redness, my skin did not show any signs of irritation, even under close scrutiny. After several days, my constant scratching had left deep tracks where my nails dug into the flesh. Even applying lotion after lotion didn’t end the relentless itching. I was beginning to lose my mind with the consistent nuisance, day and night, night and day. Another night of disturbed sleep, in which I had resorted to gnawing at my wrist was the final straw.

Stumbling to the bathroom I squinted as the light burst into life flooding the room and making me squint. As my eyes adjusted I glimpsed at my wrist, there I saw a huge bulging blister. It was so big the layer of skin containing the liquid was transparent. Inside was a pale yellow fluid. The skin around this enormous  phlyctena was an angry red. The itching was beyond anything prior to this moment. It would surely drive me mad.

Well enough was enough, I’d burst the horrible thing and be done with it. I sterilized a pin with a lit match and grabbed a tube of antibiotic cream. Holding my wrist over the sink with the pustule facing downward I took a deep breath and pierced deeply into it. At first the skin resisted then the sharp point entered the bulbous form. A trickle of liquid seeped out at first then as I withdrew the pin the trickle increased slightly. It would take too long to drain the blister that way so I pierced it several more times. The viscous liquid oozed from the holes and dropped into the sink, drop after drop. As I watched something twitched inside the pustule. Now I was seriously grossed out. Had something been  living under my skin?

Whatever it was I wanted it out of there. With no thought of the pain that would surely follow I snipped the blister with a pair of scissors. There squirming in the liquid was a tiny maggot. I very nearly threw up. Using the tips of the scissors I managed to flick the maggot into the sink. It wiggled and twisted. I gulped air as my vision became blurred. Don’t pass out now, make sure there aren’t any others in there. Poking the loose skin of the empty blister I peered into it hoping not to find any other maggots. No more thank goodness.

I held my wrist under the tap with the hottest water I could bare running. My skin turned red as the scalding water seared onto the exposed flesh where the blister had been. Dapping  the area with a soft towel tiny spots of blood began to appear. I would let it bleed for a while then apply the antibiotic cream. A trip to the emergency room was in order just to make sure there were no more maggots. May be I should have kept the horrid thing so the doctor could see but it was long gone down the drain. At least the itching had stopped.


English: Blister Español: Ampolla
English: Blister Español: Ampolla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



What a great word…

January 17, 2013

Effete – definition: 1. no longer fertile 2. a) having lost character, vitality or strength b) marked by weakness c) soft or delicate from or as if from a pampered existence 3. effeminate


I have not come across this particular word before but now I want to use it…! It will most certainly crop up in my reincarnation romance – The Twesome Loop. My novel has two time periods intertwined and this word perfectly describes the perceived personality of one of my female characters.

Twesome Loop 002

Excerpt of The Twesome Loop:

A Contract 1874

“You will marry him, Gabriella and that is the last I will hear of it.”


“Do not question my judgement, girl. It is an excellent match.”

Gabriella ran from her father’s study, up the stairs to her bedroom and flung herself onto her bed. It might be excellent for her father but certainly not for her. Her uncontrollable sobbing persisted throughout the afternoon and into early evening. No-one came to comfort her. Father must have forbidden Mother and the servants to attend her. How could her father be so cruel, marrying her to such an old man? He was ugly and brutish. She hated the way he leered at her, licking his lips. It was disgusting. Father only saw William Folkes’ wealth and the large estate in Hampshire. With the marriage, her father, a trader, would climb the social ladder of high society. He clearly didn’t care about Gabriella’s happiness. She was the sacrificial lamb – totally powerless. She had heard mother try to persuade him that William was not suitable, only to be shouted down.

“I am the man of this house and you will comply with my wishes. William is obviously fervent in his feelings for Gabriella. He will be an excellent provider.”

“But, John, she is so young and effete. Could you not find someone closer to her age, a more suitable husband?”

“How more suitable could he be? William is a wealthy and powerful man, Margaret. I am sure he will lavish many luxuries on the girl. She should think herself lucky I found such a good match. What more could she possibly want from a husband?”

“Why, love and children, of course.”

“William is certainly not too old to give her children. Now stop this complaining, I have made my decision and it is final so I will have no more talk of it.”

The marriage contract between John Lightfoot and William Folkes was signed the following week and Gabriella’s father spent lavishly on a magnificent feast to impress his new found circle. He invited dignitaries from all over the county and also many William had suggested. Gabriella watched her father strut around like a peacock, relishing his new found status while she tried to avoid William’s attentions.

 She watched in awe as one by one, women arrived wearing wonderful gowns, their hair styled to perfection and bejewelled necks, arms and fingers. Gabriella was lost in her admiration when a deep voice broke into her thoughts.

“Come, my dear, sit by your future husband.”

“I have to circulate amongst our guests, Sire; it is bad manners not to do so.”

“Surely you will be excused if you are spending time with your fiancé?”

Gabriella sat, ensuring there was a reasonable distance between them. William took her hand and drew her toward him. His eyes sparkled and he licked his lips.

“Soon, I will have you alone, my sweet. What wonders will I find under your attire to delight me?”

“Sire, please. I must go to my mother.”

Gabriella felt physically sick. His touch made her skin crawl. Just the thought of him touching her was revolting. As she approached her mother, tears welled up. Her mother embraced her.

“Please, excuse us; my daughter is feeling a little faint. It must be all the excitement.”


Do you have a character it would describe flawlessly?

Let’s look at some examples:

You are too effete with your soft hands and delicate scent for such work

The pregnancy may be too much for such an effete woman

The soil became effete with over farming

A chemical spill made the river effete with the lost of plants and fish

Can you write a few?

Spring Flowers…

March 15, 2011

A riot of colour bursts through the blanket of white that we have bared for so long. The air carries fragrances almost forgotten through the winter months. Tiny shoots of vibrant green dot along branches and the tips of leaves push skyward. Primary colours assault our dulled eyes and we blink to adjust them. So used to the white and grey our bodies and souls rejoice in this vibrancy. Warmth caresses us as we walk outside not longer requiring layer upon layer of clothing to keep the freezing air at bay. No more frosted eyelashes or clouds of steam as we breathe – our breath is taken away by the glorious smells surrounding us instead of the onslaught of sharp cold. Our mood lightens with the lengthening days, dreams of balmy weekends in front of the BBQ crowd our minds. Spring heralds such promise and we welcome her with open arms.

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