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The Books I Read in 2019

December 19, 2019


I am an advocate for always reviewing every book I read, not only does it give other readers an insight into the narrative but also acknowledges the author’s hard work. A review is the life blood of any author – so please write a review, even a single sentence is enough. It can be on any platform: Smashwords, Goodreads or Amazon or copy & paste to put it on all three!

My Goodreads page is here if you want to find out what my reviews were for each of the books listed below.

2019 Books: The Clockmaker’s Daughter, Elevation, The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy, The Lucky One, Spook-Science Tackles the Afterlife, The Icarus Girl, Things Withered, Magnetic North, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, Becoming, Sixpence House, Hollow City, Lomita for Ever, The Little Paris Bookshop, To Air the Laundry, Mrs Everything, Hearts in the Spotlight, Stranger in the Woods, 10 Days in December, Dirt Road, Steampunk FAQ, River of Destiny & Past Presence.

This number equates to about a book and a half a month, which considering I was also writing is not too bad.

As you will see, it is apparent I do not have a particular genre I favour, I much rather chose a book due to the topic or story line than stick to one type of narrative. The Spook book was loaned to me by a friend, who knew of my life long interest in reincarnation and I ordered Stranger in the Woods, as it was one of the news stories I utilized in a work in progress. The others were picked by chance as the blurb caught my eye.

How do you pick a book to read?

Do you have a particular genre you read?


Making the most of a long weekend…

August 8, 2012

Image I am sure we all feel excited at the prospect of a long weekend. Plans are made ahead of time to squeeze in as much as possible with the ‘extra’ time afforded us. As you probably know, by now, my mind immediately thinks ‘extra writing time’.  This past weekend I enjoyed the company of an old friend over Friday night…but alas did not get one word written, the Olympics were the focus of the household. Now, it may seem strange to you, but as an expat from England, you would surely think I would be glued to the TV. Actually no and the answer is two-fold, firstly my husband has control of the TV remote 24/7…no its no word of a lie! And secondly, I am not a sporty person so although it is wonderful for the athletes to accomplish their dreams and patriotic pride is in full swing, I am happier lost in my own worlds.

So after a late breakfast I returned home, did a few household chores and then immersed myself into answering a string of emails and notifications. We all have social media ‘commitments’ and the trick is to set aside time to complete them. Not only is this important in formulating connections but it is also fun to comment and tweet.  Saturday evening I experimented with a new recipe – chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and cranberry encrusted goat cheese – it was good!

ImageSunday I attended a local arts event – Arts in the Plaza – with fellow Writers of Strathcona County members. The day was hot and humid and I was glad we at least had canopies to shade us. I contented myself with good conversation and reading a few chapters of a delightful book – The Map of Time by Felix de Palma. I also sold a copy of my children’s book, Rumble’s First Scare and signed it for the new owners.

With my ‘extra’ day I plunged into a full and final edit of my YA fantasy, The Rython Kingdom after receiving some editing from a good and expert friend. Then it was onto the book blurb – short and long versions, which are still in progress. I did however create a bio for my Smashwords page, which I can transfer once I am brave enough to download my fantasy.

What events filled your weekend, either short or long?

Comments please…revised revision!!!

July 22, 2012



I have been working on a YA fantasy – this is the blurb…please let me know what you think? Is it enticing enough for you to want to read it?

An unwitting pawn in a witch’s vengeful plan, Guillem recites a tale, which will unleash the witch, Malgraf and her bestial offspring resulting in havoc and murder. Can Guillem be stopped in time? Can a mysterious old woman and her daughter protect the kingdom?

Guillem had worried if his tried and tested tales would be worthy of the King’s court. As he succumbed to sleep an image of his earlier campfire appeared. He remembered looking deep into the firelight, his eyes transfixed by the flickering orange flames, but while semi conscious, he recalled that they had turned blue in hue taking him to a far away land. The blue flames rose up, twisting and forming into images of a witch and a horrendous beast. Strange and bewitching but a marvelous tale had been revealed to him that night, he felt sure would delight his majesty.

Thank you in anticipation…

So I have revised the revision (good grief!)– let me know if this is better – thank you all for commenting it is truly appreciated.
Initially unaware he is the unwitting pawn in a vengeful witch’s plan to be released from her entrapment. The famed troubadour Guillem attends the king’s court to recite a marvelous tale. His suspicions are raised by a strange servant’s actions. With the help of a wizened old woman and her beautiful grand-daughter, Guillem outwits the witch, Malgraf and her bestial offspring, to save the kingdom from murder and mayhem but then finds himself part of a ritual for life everlasting with the entrancing and mysterious Juliana, who captures his mind and body like no other.

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