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*******My Monarch – A Final Farewell*******

September 13, 2022

The news of my monarch’s passing devastated me and I cried with a broken heart. Queen Elizabeth was the only monarch I ever knew. Her smile, sense of humour and fun, service, commitment, integrity and stoic, unwavering presence are my memories of her. During my life I have seen my Queen age, gather more family members, travel to far countries, meet dignitaries, and be a symbol of grace. She was the best of British to me and I do not apologize for being a proud British subject because of her.

As a young woman of 25, she was plunged into a role she never expected to take until much later in life. I do not know anyone, who at that age, could have taken on so much. She kept her pledge until her last breath. She was an inspiration to me and even when her family and country gave her cause for hurt, pain and reflection, my Queen retained her composure and stood tall in public.

We will not see such integrity for some time and that makes me sad. I may not be around when that happens with King William, but know he and Catherine will be a true reflection of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and values.

I will miss you, Queen Elizabeth, but I know you are with your Prince once again, together in spirit. You served your country with the utmost commitment and I thank you.

God Rest Queen Elizabeth.

Squandering Writing Time…

July 12, 2013

Squander – definition: to spend or use (money, time, etc.) extravagantly or wastefully


If you are anything like me, I feel time away from my writing is squandering that time. Obviously, I can not spend every waking moment writing, more’s the pity! Life does tend to interfere but without experiencing life, we would be less able to write convincingly about human nature and the interaction between people.

To balance work, family life and domestic chores can be frustrating at times. Especially, if a brilliant idea forms and we are unable to get it down on paper. Notebooks, whether the old paper variety or on an electronic device are essential for any writer. To think we will be able to remember the intricacies of the idea or story outline is more often than not doomed to failure. The ability to jot down that outline is vital.

When I am vacationing with family in England, my writing does suffer unfortunately, as we only have a finite amount of time to see all of our family members and ensure we have quality time with each. However, with some forward planning I have managed to draft my blog posts. Took some doing but if nothing else I’m committed to my self imposed obligation to post every day of 2013. The time difference may pose a problem…we will see.

What do you feel you squander?

Thankful and excited all rolled into one…

August 13, 2012

This past weekend is amongst the best I have ever had. Why you may ask, well in short two great writing events came to fruition for me. I was beside myself with excitement and smiling like the preverbal Cheshire Cat.

Literally bursting with happiness and wanting to share with everyone not just because I was proud of myself but also to show that determination, hard work and commitment bring their own rewards. If you follow your dream it will become reality, maybe in small steps but that is the joy of our journey.

My first event was submitting my fantasy – The Rython Kingdom – onto Smashwords. It was a nerve racking experience, letting go of a manuscript I had worked on for over a year through revision after revision and numerous edits…but the immediacy of its availability to the global community was the part that took my breath away. We are used to everything being instantly accessible – just not our precious words – there was no time to adjust to them being out in the world for all to see.
Why not take a look? The next event was quite a surprise. I had been asked to write an article for a new online newspaper, so submitted one, not really expecting it to be accepted. Almost as soon as I had sent my email, I got one back asking for my bio & a headshot! I frantically read through my bio’s and then took a few new photos to send off. As many of you know I am passionate about my writing but also my writing group and that is the subject of my article.
I encourage you all to follow your dream and take advantage of any and all opportunities that come your way.

Smiley face – Daniel Y Go

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