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Reincarnation – A Simple Guide…

August 3, 2016


Reincarnation is the belief a soul is reborn time and time again after the body has died. This belief can be traced back to around the 6th century BC, appearing first in primitive Indian religions. In most Western religious denominations it is believed a soul retains its individuality, whereas Eastern religions believe a soul can return as an animal or a plant.

How a person has lived their life determines what their reborn soul will encounter in a subsequent life, according to Buddhism and Hinduism. We know this as Karma, where souls reincarnate over and over until they reach perfection and nirvana. Some Hinduism sects even believe that a bad life of criminal actions, abuse and violence, can see that soul reincarnated as such things as lizards, worms, or even a cacti.

One Kenya tribe, the Kikaya hold the belief that a woman must worship at a place inhabited by their ancestral souls to allow the ancestors to enter them before they can become pregnant.

Christianity, prior to the Emperor Justinian condemnation of reincarnation as heresy in 553 AD did have certain Gnostic sects in the 1st century AD believing in reincarnation.

The belief held is that human beings have a number of aspects or ‘bodies’. Some have temporary aspects or what is known as our personality – the physical body, emotions and the factual mind. Then there is the deeper spiritual aspect, which is known as the more permanent part containing the accumulated results of experiences gained over many lives.

This permanent self is called the soul and continues the journey, the temporary aspects or elements fall away before a soul incarnations again. A new incarnation or birth is molded with mental, emotional and physical matter that will assist in the ‘learning’ process of the soul. Traces of lessons from a previous life will colour our next life, some say deja vu is the echo of previous lives.

Karma or reincarnation is seen as the method of becoming more spiritual, compassionate and wise in many religions. The reward is to progress to the highest level of existence and become one with the universe.


How do you view reincarnation?

Have you experienced deja vu?

Soul Group – Do You Know Yours?

June 15, 2016

soul group

We have all experience deja vu more than once in our lives. Sometimes it is recognizing a place or occurrence but other times it is meeting someone new but having the feeling that we know them. This recognition, on a subconscious level, is meeting a member of your soul group. As you can see from the diagram above, we do not always remain as one gender, or in a similar ‘relationship’. In one life you can be husband and wife and in another brother and sister, whichever it is there is a strong chemistry or familiarity upon meeting these people.

The belief is that your journey, mission or purpose in this life is a small part of your larger journey – we ‘learn’ from each lifetime and move forward to the next one.

So how do you know you have met a soul group member?

It can be that they have similar life experiences and can assist you in understanding a situation or problem. They help you with compassion, understanding and patience.

Their assistance in helping you ‘grow’ maybe due to their highlighting of your personality traits and balancing your energy. Their guidance enables you to turn your weaknesses into strengths and also to heal or let go of destructive emotions or events.

In a lot of cases they ‘appear’ in your life when you most need them to advance your soul’s journey, to enable you to find the right path and work with you in your goals.

Have you experienced a deep connection with a complete stranger?

Do you feel a specially deep connection to your current partner, best friend or a relative but cannot explain it?

These are members of your soul group.







Succumb…to love?

March 13, 2013

Succumb – definition: 1) to yield or give in to force or pressure 2) to die

Twesome Loop 002

I am sharing an excerpt from my reincarnation love story here, The Twesome Loop. Two of the main characters succumb to the inevitable even though neither of them have any idea what is happening. They meet in an Italian villa.

At breakfast Gerald helped himself to coffee and went onto the patio. There he discovered he was not alone, a woman was lying on a divan, reading. He watched for a moment then approached her to introduce himself. As she turned to face him, he felt drawn to her. A feeling of recognition but how could that be with a complete stranger?

Melissa turned at the sound of footsteps and faced a tall distinguished looking dark haired man. The sudden rush of belonging and love that overwhelmed her, took her breath away. Whatever was going on? She didn’t even know this man but sensed a recollection of sorts. She must pull herself together and make an introduction. She was not a silly teenager with a crush.

Gerald noticed that she had a shocked expression on her face, much the same as he imagined he had. They reached out to each other simultaneously. What an odd feeling knowing a complete stranger. Gerald couldn’t reason with himself or resist the strong urge to hold this woman tightly in his arms. Straining to control himself, Gerald stepped closer and held out his hand but Melissa was already too close his hand grasped around her waist, it was the most natural thing to do.

His touch was electrifying and familiar. She shook her head unprepared for what her eyes were showing her.       Everything around Gerald dissolved and all he could do was look into her pale blue eyes and know them from long ago. As he gazed into Melissa’s eyes, he knew she was as lost as he was. Recognition but how can you know a complete stranger instantly? With total certainty Gerald knew she was what he had been searching for his whole life. This woman was his life without any doubt.

Gerald looked down at her and gently released his grip. At last he found his voice and introduced himself.

“Hello, I’m Gerald. Gerald Conway-Smythe.”

“I’m Melissa…… Melissa Shaw. Where have you come from? Do I know you?”

Confused Gerald blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.

“I came from my room, actually. How about I fetch us some fresh coffee?”

“Oh, yes alright, that would be lovely, Gerald, thank you.”

Gerald needed time to think. His offer to get coffee would give him that time while he organized cups, milk and sugar on a tray. He needed to make sense of these pervasive emotions. As he walked back to Melissa, he glimpsed a different scene. She was in a long gown with her long hair coiled high upon her head. Where had that come from? He stopped in mid stride unsure if he was experiencing a hallucination.

“Gerald, are you alright?”

The concern on Melissa’s face broke his paralysis, he could never worry her.

“I’m sorry a touch of déjà vu I believe, although it had the strangest effect on me. I saw you in costume and your hair coiffured but the surroundings were exactly the same.”

“Thank goodness, I thought I was going mad. I saw you in a long frock coat and stockings. Whatever is going on?”

“I may have an explanation but need to do some research first. In the meantime let’s have coffee and enjoy this wonderful vista.”

“If you can explain this oddity I will be amazed and grateful all at the same time.”

Gerald resolved to investigate this strange occurrence but for now he knew with complete certainty that whatever happened, he would care for Melissa for the rest of his days. There were forces at work here that he could not comprehend at the moment. It was probably best to go with the flow and see where it led him.

English: The Victorians and some Edwardians wo...

English: The Victorians and some Edwardians wore frock coat suits like this in check and tweed much as we would a tweed lounge suit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As always I’m open to comments, don’t be shy. This novel still has a lot of editing required.

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