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NaNo Race…

November 24, 2012

I’ve an even shorter time to finish my NaNoWriMo this year as I am flying off to Palm Springs to visit a good friend and fellow author, Suzanne Burkett,  on Wednesday 28th November. So I need to have my word count over the 50,000 before then. It is a race as always but just a smidge more stressful with two days less but I am determined to succeed.

An oasis in many ways.

My visit was booked way back in June so its been a long time coming. It will be a time for exploring, connecting and sharing and I’m sure inspiration will follow. Maybe a novel idea will spring up – LOL I know bad joke. Palm Springs has a very creative and artistic culture that I am excited to see for myself. Getting away from the Albertan cold will be a nice bonus too. Of course I have organised meals for the family in my absence and hopefully they will survive.

Do you ‘abandon’ your family for vacations or retreats ? What is or was your favorite one?

Mixed Feelings…

July 29, 2012

My daughter departs for England on Monday leaving me feeling apprehensive she will be alright on her first solo flight but also a sense of excitement that I will have three weeks of writing ahead of me without interruption. The adults in the household will have to fend for themselves as I plunge into my ebook launch and subsequent promotion. Once it is released I can decide, which novel I want to return to. Will it be the speculative fiction – Life in Slake Patch or the erotic re-incarnation – The Twesome Loop? I will let my muse guide me.

So with an extended amount of time available what do you immerse yourself in?

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