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Spring Flowers…

March 15, 2011

A riot of colour bursts through the blanket of white that we have bared for so long. The air carries fragrances almost forgotten through the winter months. Tiny shoots of vibrant green dot along branches and the tips of leaves push skyward. Primary colours assault our dulled eyes and we blink to adjust them. So used to the white and grey our bodies and souls rejoice in this vibrancy. Warmth caresses us as we walk outside not longer requiring layer upon layer of clothing to keep the freezing air at bay. No more frosted eyelashes or clouds of steam as we breathe – our breath is taken away by the glorious smells surrounding us instead of the onslaught of sharp cold. Our mood lightens with the lengthening days, dreams of balmy weekends in front of the BBQ crowd our minds. Spring heralds such promise and we welcome her with open arms.

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