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Wordsmith’s Collective Thursday – Connection to the Writing Community Around the World

March 26, 2020


Without the planned author interview blog post for today, I was curious to look at some of my past posts and came across this one from March 2014. It is quite eerie how relevant it is for today.

We are fortunate to have the ability to connect with people from all over the world with the click of a button. Barring time differences we can speak face to face with them as well as converse via various technologies unimagined in quite recent history. Technology can be a burden but also a gift. Personally, I have met other writers from as far away as America and Warsaw, to name just two. People I would never have met any other way. The American writer posted on a non-writing site and our responses to a topic were so familiar we began emailing each other. After several months, we found out our lives were mirrors of each other’s life experiences. This culminated in us visiting each others ‘homes and becoming firm friends. We call each Soul Sister.

The young woman from Warsaw, blogged how she felt alone in her writing, this was a call I could not ignore, so responded with a paid membership to my writers group as we have virtual as well as local members.  She has since managed to publish her work and enjoys the connection with other writers. This is the positive side of the internet, as well as research possibilities for anything under the sun we care to find out about. Our curiosity for knowledge can be satisfied with almost no effort at all.

However, not all connections can become physical ones and that is the shame of the internet. We cannot jump on a ‘plane at the drop of a hat in order to travel to far away countries to visit these contacts, for the most part. Our ‘relationships’ are limited to short conversations and ‘funny’ Facebook posts. In short it is not a’ true’ friendship with shared experiences but that being said, still important connections for a host of reasons.

How many of you open a conversation in a coffee shop, on a train or bus, even in the food store? People around us are as interesting as those on the computer screen. Has technology taken this ability away? I remember watching my Mother striking up conversations with complete strangers all the time. As a shy child I found this alarming but as I grew up I realized without human contact, we become isolated in a crowd.

We should not be afraid to connect with people – everyone has an interesting story to share after all. Who knows it might be a story idea.

What has been your experience with internet contacts? Has it changed now?


Today’s writing tip

Set your writing goals for every writing session

Outline your aims for a writing session in order to keep yourself focused. It may help to write down what you want to achieve in the next chapter or scene. However, remember,  to give yourself elbow room. It is okay to depart from your scene summary if you feel the story should go (or wants to go) in a new direction. Personally, I let the story flow but some writers find writing a pre-scene enables them to maintain a clear sense of direction for each scene in relation to their story arc.

Do you set goals for your writing sessions?

How Conspicuous are You..?

August 2, 2013

Conspicuous – definition: easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable


As authors we have to overcome becoming conspicuous to the world. With an internet presence we are readily contactable and visible to anyone who wishes to get to ‘know’ us. Writing may be a solitary pastime but our face-book pages, blogs, twitter and a multitude of other internet sites we subscribe to, spreads our persona all over the globe.

Depending on how comfortable you are, a blog can be, not only a vehicle for selling your work, but will also give our readers/followers an insight into the author behind the books. I recently read a blog post questioning if a Q&A page on a blog/author site was a good idea. This started me thinking what questions I should pose and what was the best way to answer them. Currently a work in progress.

Have you got a Q&A section on your website?

If you do have one, what has the reaction been like?


Once we have an internet presence established there comes the task of keeping the information interesting and current. I’m sure there are not many writers challenging themselves to a blog post daily, like yours truly, but even weekly or monthly updates take a good deal of consideration. We have decided on a ‘theme or topic’ and have to create new content for it. Our words will be forever available in cyberspace.

The outcome is a connection to people far and wide, allowing us to share our writing life.

Do you have an internet story to share?

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