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Signs of Panic – NaNoWriMo 2013…

November 26, 2013

Clamant – definition: 1. clamorous; noisy; 2. compelling, or pressing; urgent


With only five days left to achieve the magical fifty thousand words of the National Novel Writing Month challenge, many participants are now feeling the pressure.

If you are fearing the 30th November link up here for some pep talks:

My own experience this time around in NaNo, I found I ‘lost’ motivation when I tried to keep to my plot model. Having the story mapped out before me, hindered my creativity and I lagged behind dreadfully. Trying a new genre – cowboy romance – has added to the struggle but I am determined to make that goal. I may not sleep for the rest of this week but it will be worth it.

My word count today is 45,844, leaving a tantalizing 4,156 words left to create. I have to squeeze them in between a conference planning meeting tonight, an orthodontist appointment for my daughter on Thursday and organizing and packing books on Friday evening for an all day event on Saturday. Will I make it? I hope so. To be so close and not succeed would seriously suck!

How are you coping with these last few days?

Have you already achieved the target 50,000? Or surpassed it?

Do you have any words of wisdom to achieve the total?



January 19, 2011

Does your motivation suddenly disappear? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are your ideas and ‘storyline’ a distant memory? Have ‘life’s demands’ got in the way?

We can all feel at a loss at times – the demands of work, home and loved ones push our writing life down the ‘to do’ list. The urge to shout and scream at those around us with a ‘let me alone’ is most certainly a common occurrence amongst writers. So how do we balance (or more appropriately juggle) everything?


The solutions are going to be as different as we are – you may be a mother of seven or have a twelve hour work day – no matter what – there are solutions. The trick is finding the one(s) that work for you.

For my own situation – full time work, full time ‘domestic goddess’ (sounds better than chief cook and bottle washer eh?) mother and secretary for an organization. I find that slotting in even a short period of writing helps me not begrudge all my other roles. It might be ten minutes whilst eating my lunch or jotting down notes waiting for an appointment or plugging in my ear phones and ‘distancing’ myself from the family after supper. My point is you don’t always have to allot huge chunks of time to write. You might be surprised at how much you can do with the imposition of a ‘time limit’.

Seize the opportunity to write, jot down and muse – anywhere, any time. Carry your passion for writing with you always.

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