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Ambrosia of the Gods…

July 11, 2013

Ambrosial – definition: exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell


I was taken back to my school days with this word. I studied ancient Greek mythology as well as Roman mythology in my last couple of years of school.

Ambrosia was depicted as food or drink of the Greek gods (or demigods) and had the effect of making them immortal. In the words of Homeric tradition, the ambrosia was taken to Olympus by doves. However, ancient art depicts a nymph, called Ambrosia, delivering the delight.

The myth of King Lycurgus tells us he attacked Ambrosia because she served  Dionysis. This resulted in her being turned into a grapevine. In turn Dionysis brought about Lycurgus’ demise in a rather disgusting way.

Why someone would attack the God who brought such merriment is beyond me! Dionysis was surely the party animal of Olympus. God of wine, winemaking, the grape harvest, ritual madness and ecstasy!

I certainly praise him…nothing like a glass or two – especially as I am enjoying a wonderful vacation.

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