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Could or Should You Write Your Memoir..?

May 23, 2014


Memoirs of the rich and famous populate the bookstore shelves and our curiosity ensures we pick them up, enabling us to get a glimpse into their lives.(Well, the part they are willing to expose, anyway!)  Some change our persepctive of that person, while others confirm our suspicions. However, what about the stories of ‘ordinary’ people? The ones that work, play, nurture, explore, and live out of the spot light?

Everyone’s story is unique and important not just for their families but the population at large. These glimpses into how life was lived in the past are so much more important than the dry facts in history books. I am currently watching ‘Call The Midwife” – it is set in post-war London and is superbly done. The TV series is actually based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, who worked as a midwife in the East End of London in the 1950’s. Even though it is recent history, the changes in our lives since then are remarkable – this is the exact reason we should consider writing our story.

After many years of pleading with my Mother, she wrote a beautiful story about how she met my father and their lives together. Many facts were unknown to my siblings and I – they may be small, incidental snippets to many but to us they are precious. I am in the process of transcribing the story and will compile a book, which will include photographs, poems, and letters and have copies made for the family to keep as a legacy to future generations. A true gift for the family.

I collaborated in writing a memoir workbook, which focusing on how to gather the ‘materials’ of your life to assist you in compiling your memoir. With helpful tips and exercises to ignite your memories, it is a superb book to get you started.


Have you written; or are you considering, writing your memoir?

What was your experience?

How are you compiling it?


A memoir is an invitation into another’s person’s privacy. – Isabel Allende

A memoir should have some uplifting quality, inspiring or illuminating, and that’s what separates a life story that can influence other people. – Mitch Albom

If you write a memoir, it can’t be about blame or hurt; it has to be creative. – Dani Shapiro


 Today’s prompt – think of a favorite memory – a vacation, a childhood friend, a precious toy…and write about it.

Who Knew Curio…?

March 9, 2013

Curio – definition: an object or article valued because it is strange or rare. As I soon found out there is also other curio’s out there I had no knowledge of. I’m going to share them with you because they are much too interesting not to.

Municipality Curio – is a district of Lugano in the incanton of Ticino in Switzerland. In December 2011 the entire population was 517 people. Can you imagine that? I can to be honest as I used to live in a small English village called Vernham Dean and spent my childhood in another small village called Upper Bucklebury (yes just up the hill from Bucklebury where Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge used to live – fancy that.)

Municipality Curio

Municipality Curio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Curio Bay is located at the southern  end of the South island of New Zealand. It’s claim to fame is the petrified forest remnants that can be seen. The forest grew there some 180 million years ago. It is also home to the rare yellow-eyed penguin with a colony of 1600 breeding pairs. All in all it must be a fascinating place to visit. It certainly peeks my interest for my love of nature and archeology.

Petrified forest at Curio Bay, Southland, New ...

Petrified forest at Curio Bay, Southland, New Zealand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Curio Coelius Secundus was the youngest of twenty-three children…yes I nearly fell of my chair too! He was the son of a Piedmontese nobleman – I hope he had more than one wife! Curio studied history and law at Turin and later labored zealously to spread the doctrines of the Protestant religion. He also wrote several theological and literary works. I still can’t get past the twenty-three children….!

English: Curio Coelius Secundus Philosophus De...

English: Curio Coelius Secundus Philosophus Deutsch: Curio Coelius Secundus Philosophus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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