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Humans Don’t Acclimatize, They Destroy…

November 25, 2013

Acclimatize – definition: to adapt oneself to one’s surroundings, environment, or climate

Most of us are familiar with how animal species have adapted to their environments. As a David Attenborough fan, I have watched numerous programs where he has shown these in glorious color. I will not go into the hundreds of adaptations here but this link is a great source of information, if you are interested.


It is the adaptations of the human species, which concerns me. Earlier civilizations lived with their surroundings and maintained the natural balance. As humans developed and formed larger and larger groups, this changed and we began manipulating our surroundings to suit us. Areas of the planet previously uninhabited due to the climate or conditions were invaded and structures built to accommodate. Resources were, and still are, ravaged. Vast areas of the planet are now under concrete and this ‘invasion’ is still going on.

Humans adapt their environment in any way they can. From the sewing of furs, inventing shoes, discovering how to shear sheep to make wool for weaving clothing, taming fire, domesticating animals, and inventing agriculture, there has been an explosion of adaptations. Also housing became more and more sophisticated from caves to mud huts to brick buildings and wooden structures with insulation. Another discovery was herbs and how they could be used either for culinary or medicinal uses, and which were poisonous. Tools have developed and improved from split rocks with sharp edges to battery powered tools for every aspect of building. Yes, we are a ‘clever’ animal but at what cost?

Unfortunately, this behavior is continuing even though there is scientific proof that human impact on the planet and its inhabitants is destroying the only ‘home’ we have. Obviously, we can not unlearn our inventions and expectations for ourselves – everyone wants a nice home to live in and easy access to food and clothing.

What is the answer? That is the billion dollar question!

Untarnished Politics – An Oxymoron..?

September 17, 2013

Untarnished – definition: (of a person’s reputation) free from blemishes, faults, or unethical actions


Once you begin looking at the words to describe untarnished, you notice a common theme. CLEAN. Unstained, immaculate, impeccable, spotless, clean, pure, glowing, squeaky-clean, unblemished, unsullied, unimpeachable, unsoiled, bright, polished, shining, burnished.
In every political arena I have ever had the misfortune to stumble across, there is always mud slinging! These so called elected officials spend their time spreading nasty little rumors about each other – have they never left the playground?
We would not be human if we were completely without some fault – as the old saying goes – he without sin, throw the first stone.
Would it not be better and more ‘civilized’ to expend all that energy on governing the locality or country with mutual respect and understanding. After all we are all homo sapiens on this planet – one gene away from chimpanzee’s. In other words we are all the same species – deal with it.
Is it possible to be squeaky clean as an adult?
Can we rise above the playground mentality?
Are we not supposed to be the ‘higher’ animal on this planet?
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