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Writing Prompt Wednesday

January 10, 2018


As a kid, what job did you dream you would have as an adult?

My first recollection of wanting  any particular ‘job’ was in secondary school (UK 11 – 16). I was art mad and spent all my lunch hours in the art room creating. Luckily my art teacher, Miss Randall was very supportive and allowed me access to all the art supplies (and some non art supplies, one of which was the large noticeboard from the main corridor!) With free rein I created to my heart’s content, I utilized not just the usual paint, clay, paper etc. but the internal workings of clocks, cellophane, paper mache, wire and a lot more.


I dreamed of designing house interiors, some alternative, some not. I even planned to use my summer vacations to dress shop windows in London high street stores. My art teacher, Miss Randall actually sent some of my artwork to the Royal College of Art. I was accepted until she advised them I was only 12!

Alas my dream did not materialize but I have experienced many forms of art through the years and now have found my niche – writing. I sometimes wonder how my life would look now if I have followed that path. Maybe my parallel self is enjoying that designing life – who knows?


Incidentally I did watch a fantastic Netflix documentary, Abstract some time ago which highlighted designers and one just blew me away. I watched and thought that Ilse Crawford: Interior Designer had my parallel life. Maybe next time round I will go that route.

What job did you dream of having as a child?

Why not share in the comments?

What is your Vocation..?

September 12, 2013

Vocation – definition : a particular occupation, business, or profession : calling

two flags

Have you remained on the path you envisaged as a youth? Do you still walk the planned route you wanted for your life or did life take you down new and unexpected roads?

When we are embroiled in the mundane day to day stuff of life, we loose sight of the bigger picture so easily. All of a sudden a month, a year have passed and we look back asking where did the time go. As we grow older time’s passing seems to speed up – children are born, in school, graduated, moved out and have families of their own.

As many of you think on this, I’m sure you will remember the endless possibilities of youth. Don’t lose that – it’s never too late to take a leap. I envisaged a life as an interior designer but went into nursing! Never wanted to work in an office but ran my own company for over two decades.

My emigration to Canada was unthinkable to me a mere eight years ago but here I am. I have found a new passion in life, which would never have even occurred to me in England. We cannot take life or the people we love for granted – cherish your moments.

Take advantage of all and any opportunities given to you. They may be the ‘thing’ you have waited all your life to achieve or experience. Grab life by the horns and tussle with it.

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