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Lackadaisical Days – A Good Thing…

August 15, 2013

Lackadaisical – definition: careless; without interest; lazy; listless

Lazy lion

On a visit to Longleat Safari Park in England, when I was visiting family this past July, we drove through the lion enclosure. The whole pride was sleeping in the shade, looking like big pussy cats rather than the ferocious beasts we know them to be. If you have ever watched any wildlife programs a pride hunting is a marvelous sight. The teamwork superb.

Seeing them slumbering so peacefully it occurred to me that sometimes we have days when we feel like that. Our motivation deserts us and everything is just too much to bare. No matter how you describe it – unhappy, sad, depressed, down, despondent, dejected, wretched, glum, dismal, low, jaded, discontented, disgruntled, dissatisfied, sick & tired, exasperated, hacked off, cheesed off, had it – we feel mentally lethargic. Nothing sparks inspiration, ideas are non-existent and the blank page mocks us.

However, it may be our minds enforcing a ‘vacation from writing’. Constant use of our creativity must be draining, such as the physical and mental drain from full time work of any kind. Vacations refresh us. Take a look at this post :

Knowing other writers have similar ‘guilt’ helps lessen the impact of our own. It is good to have down time. We can not constantly produce without ‘feeding’ our font of inventiveness.

How do you refresh your muse?

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