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A Revolution : Tiny Homes…

February 24, 2016

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you will know I have become obsessed with tiny homes! In particular, one called Deer Run. These are the plans. I may modify it a bit but it is so well set out and I love the two porches.

The Tiny Home movement has spread all over the world and is becoming more and more popular as a cost effective way of affording a first house or indeed downsizing into a more manageable one. There are a multitude of companies making these houses so you can spend a lot of time researching the ‘perfect’ build for your purposes.

The site herewith is for a company that has endeavored for decades to make affordable homes but also esthetically pleasing and functional.

I am hoping with more active involvement from government and local councils, that these homes will become more ‘acceptable’ as living accommodation in the near future. Not only are they a smaller footprint but many have energy savings features to reduce supply and waste.

Have you discovered tiny homes yet? Do you have a favorite?

Why not share?

Life Changes Roll with It or Stagnate…

October 27, 2014

Man Sitting In ValleyWe all have different coping mechanisms when it comes to changes in our lives. Some changes are welcome, some raising curiosity while others are certainly not wanted or wished for. I experienced two smaller occurrences in the last couple of days and it began a line of thought I wanted to share. Do I resist change or embrace it?

As some of you will know I attended Words in the Park over the weekend. The hall was full of forty nine authors and nine vendors – all displaying books and accessories for the discerning book lover. In past years, I have been positioned close to my publisher, Dream Write Publishing and my writing group, The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County. This has led to an enjoyable time overseeing these tables in rotation with others and conversing and chatting with friends and visitors alike. This year as I had booked a whole table instead of half, I was placed on the other side of the venue, away from my usual comrades. It may seem childish (especially considering my age!) but I felt excluded at first. I could see them talking and laughing but unable to join in. Then I realized that I should take advantage of the opportunity and be more proactive in my promotion rather than await passers-by. I surveyed my display and knew it was eye-catching so stood behind my table and greeted everyone, stating the age groups for each book and a short description of the stories. It was a successful day for sales and I also received lots of compliments on my table arrangement and each individual book’s themed items. Several friends did stop by for a chat and one looked after my table while I went to participate in an author reading. All in all I feel I made more sales because I was more engaged and not distracted to my goal.

Today was a day of change as well at my workplace. After nearly two years, my manager and I have a new work colleague. We have been comfortable in how we arrange our work days and the day to day routine is pretty much set. The new employee will bring her own ideas of regime and structure and it is probably not a bad thing. We can all get stuck in a rut so easily. We will embrace this change and see what it brings in the months to come.

What changes have you experienced lately that made you leave your comfort zone?

Was the outcome successful?

What did you learn from the experience?



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