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Allegations Can Tear Us Apart …

September 19, 2013

Allegation – definition: a statement or assertion made with little or no proof


My collaboration with two other Writers Foundation of Strathcona County members has come to an end. The workbook has been sent off to press and we anxiously await the first printed copies. Once they are available the link will be up on   Your Lifetime of Stories – Ideas for Writing Memoirs 


This workbook is in conjunction with the WFSC presentation for memoir writing and gives tips and memory exercises to enable people to organize their memories into a working format. In other words a How To book for memoir writing.

In one section we have covered the question of motives for writing a memoir. It should not be a method for revenge or to reveal hurtful information or secrets held in trust. If the writer’s experience can educate and create awareness that is a very different thing from memoirs to accuse or expose another person. We also made it plain that everyone ‘remembers’ events differently due to their own perspective so when the writer shares the draft, they should keep in mind differing opinions. It is best to ensure family members that the memory is one person’s truth.

Unfortunately, many memories do not follow these rules and become the center for allegations tearing apart families and in some cases communities.

Have you experienced false allegations or know someone who has? 

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What is your Vocation..?

September 12, 2013

Vocation – definition : a particular occupation, business, or profession : calling

two flags

Have you remained on the path you envisaged as a youth? Do you still walk the planned route you wanted for your life or did life take you down new and unexpected roads?

When we are embroiled in the mundane day to day stuff of life, we loose sight of the bigger picture so easily. All of a sudden a month, a year have passed and we look back asking where did the time go. As we grow older time’s passing seems to speed up – children are born, in school, graduated, moved out and have families of their own.

As many of you think on this, I’m sure you will remember the endless possibilities of youth. Don’t lose that – it’s never too late to take a leap. I envisaged a life as an interior designer but went into nursing! Never wanted to work in an office but ran my own company for over two decades.

My emigration to Canada was unthinkable to me a mere eight years ago but here I am. I have found a new passion in life, which would never have even occurred to me in England. We cannot take life or the people we love for granted – cherish your moments.

Take advantage of all and any opportunities given to you. They may be the ‘thing’ you have waited all your life to achieve or experience. Grab life by the horns and tussle with it.

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