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Lost Words of Medical Terminology (Part One)…

March 7, 2016

feeling sick

There are numerous lost words concerning the body, its functions and medical terminology, so I split them into three parts.

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Aporrhoea                                      1646 -1880
a bodily emanation; an effluvium
The evening’s revelries were followed by an unfortunate episode of aporrhoea.

Brochity                                          1623 -1678
projecting or crooked quality of teeth
His parents later regretted that they did not correct his brochity in his youth.

Cagastric                                          1662 -1753
of diseases, originating under an ill star
We no longer believe in cagastric causes for illness and deformity.

Caprizant                                          1730 -1736
of the pulse, uneven or irregular
While he hadn’t had a full-blown heart attack, his pulse was very caprizant.

Dipsopathy                                      1883 -1883
medical treatment involving abstinence from liquids
The new antibiotics he was taking required him to practice strict dipsopathy.

My sentence: The party guests avoided the aporrhoea of the man with the brochity. A doctor aided the man after checking his caprizant, to the washroom. Although the doctor’s advice was dipsopathy the man argued he was cagastric.

Can you write a sentence too?




A Painful Experience Gives An Insight…

July 19, 2013

Analgesic – definition: a remedy used for pain


As some of you may know I suffered a back injury in April. Pain medication along with a back brace and crutches enabled me to move for short distances after some time. My usual anti-pill stance went out of the window, I can tell you. Analgesics were my best friend!

Physical pain does not only restrict us with movement but also drains us mentally. Weeks at home would, ordinarily, have seen me busily typing at my desk. However, having no position that was comfortable, either sitting, standing or lying down, I languished on my bed or the sofa waiting for my next medication to be due. It was frustrating not being able to write or even edit my WIP. I felt its lure so many times and several attempts to sit at my desk resulted in agony.

I looked for the positive in my situation, which was difficult to say the least. However, when the pain became more manageable I realized I could use the physical and mental restrictions as the basis of a future characters difficulty. Restricted movements gave me insight into the experience of disabled and elderly people. Now I will be able to write from an experienced viewpoint albeit a temporary condition on my part.

Have you utilized a personal experience to develop a character?


May 9, 2013

Insouciance – definition: lack of care or concern : indifference

I’m suffering chronic back pain at the moment, with crutches to walk and pain med’s. This has highlighted how much we take for granted in our everyday lives. The simplest task becomes a trial and brings into focus how indifference to our wellbeing has consequences. Yes, I’m guilty of lifting heavier objects than I should but also for forgetting how little I ‘move’ in my regular day. I will blast around cleaning the house and digging the garden and then pay the consequences of over exertion.

Instead a little exercise every day would be easier on my body and to that end I had signed up with the 30×30 challenge for May. See here: http://30×  I had started well going out on evening walks which were very pleasant.


Obviously I can not participate at the moment, walking across the living room is painful enough! But I hope that my chiropractor will set me right after a few more visits. At least after two manipulations he has eased the pain and I don’t have pins & needles in my foot now. That did worry me a lot.

So I pledge here and now that I will exercise regularly once I’m fully recovered and not go from the work desk to my home writing desk without ‘movement’ of some kind. Although I don’t have my canine companion around anymore I will walk every evening. It’s a start and from there I hope to do more.


I know how easy it is to be drawn into the cyber world and look up to see hours have passed while sitting on my behind!

If you have any tips I would be more than interested to hear.

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