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Celestial Wonder Still Exists…

November 4, 2013

Celestial – definition: pertaining to the sky or heavens

Celestial Map 1515

The heavens have always fascinated humans throughout our evolution. Monoliths around the globe are evidence of our attempts to connect to whatever power we envisage resides there. My Greek and Roman literature course showed me a world full of complex relationships and deeds of good and bad. Gods sat in Olympus showering the population with favors or disasters.

This map shows a celestial map in 1515.

Modern day astrology utilizes the star signs to predict our live’s path. For some these ‘readings’ are believed while others choose only the ‘good’ predictions detailed in the newspaper.

Whatever religion you follow in some part there will be a celestial component. This belief is deeply rooted from our earliest ancestors worshiping the sun arriving each morning and the moon standing guard in the night.

There has been a shift since the first moon landings and the many deep space missions launched since, which have given us more information regarding the ‘heavens’ than ever before. We now know stars are actually planets or massive moons exploding and we are witnessing the last moment of glory as light travelling to us. However, we still enjoy the globe that is our moon on night’s it is a splendid full sphere. There is still magic in the sky above us. It is now crowded with satellites for communication and debris from our previous explorations but there is a wonder there. Our planet is only one of billions…something that is hard to comprehend.

Take a look at the multitude of missions in operation now. Link:


Blood Moon…

May 8, 2013

Sanguine – definition: 1) blood-red in color 2) having a temperament of full-bloodiness; liveliness, cheerfulness; 3) confident : optimistic


This image will more than likely elicit thoughts of vampires and werewolves – we seem to be in the age of such beasts.  You may also think of the Red planet. I have always loved the lunar cycle but especially crystal clear nights under a full ‘harvest’ moon. It’s golden tones are quite magical.

A red moon is the result of an lunar eclipse. The sun’s rays pass through the earth’s atmosphere when all three planet’s are aligned hence the red colour.

Apologies that this post is so short but I woke up in a lot of back pain…I hope everyone else has a great day.

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