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A Friendly Muse..

November 8, 2010

My NaNoWriMo 2010 begins!

I begin this NaNo with an idea, but also; unusually for me; I have actually written some back story and dabbled with characters names prior to 1st November.  Initially I found this arrested my spontaneity and I was struggling with how to proceed. This difficulty did not bode well on the dawn of NaNo and panic was crawling within my chest.

Just type, girl, it will come. Try to forget what you have written and let your muse guide you. Internal pep talks aside, I was on the verge of that dreaded ‘block’ even before I started. So I took a long walk in the autumn sunshine, met a few walking friends and relaxed my overwrought brain.


Back home with a steaming cup of tea beside my laptop, I freed my mind and let my fingers type. The words began to flow and I could feel my muse channeling my thoughts. At last the story would be crafted.

On the third day a sudden inspiration – why not write the two time periods side by side? This resulted in frantic typing, the words coming at a frightening pace – would I be able to keep up? Now I am happy with the direction my muse is taking me and true to my ‘twin’ personality (Gemini) I am going back and forth between the two era’s.

One dilemma has been solved whilst out walking and another by a chance glance at the TV. Unfortunately this black box is ever present as I type with my back toward it – but once I am absorbed – sights and sounds fade and I am inside the world I am creating. So deeply am I embroiled that my family has to shake my shoulder to get my attention. I have no concept of time until my tea is cold and I replenish it or when I stretch my shoulders from their hunched position to find the house in darkness and silent.

Writing, for me anyway, is a land deep within my mind filled with adventure, joy and accomplishment.

I hope you too find the awesome power of words – they create, they teach, they record.

Happy NaNo 2010 to those of you participating and happy writing to everyone else in the grips of this very engaging art form.

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