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Author Interview – Elise Brooke

May 6, 2021

  1. What age were you when you began writing?

I was at primary school about 7 years old.

  • Why did you make the decision to write about your life?

I decided to share my life journey so far to give hope and inspiration to others and let them know they are not alone.

  • What do you believe readers gain from your experience?

I believe by reading my story readers gain hope, inspiration, an honest birds eye view of New Zealand, a reminder never to give up, it makes one think and is informative, entertaining, a means to draw strength from and can even save lives.

  • Did you think The New Zealand Dream idea would grow into a series?

Originally I planned to release The New Zealand Dream as one book, I may still do this later. The idea of releasing the books as a series is a way for me to give my readers something to read while I am still completing the series.

  • How has your life experience impacted your writing?

Writing has been my therapist and brought me healing. My life experiences made me realize people need to hear my story, so many go through similar experiences isolated and alone, by sharing my story one can know they are not alone and you can heal and come through. I wanted to give readers the bare truth, no sugar coating, keeping it real and honest as this is what people need to hear, by doing my story is relatable.

  • Do you have a favourite place to write?

Somewhere quite, usually my lounge room or outside in amongst nature.

  • How do you juggle home life and writing?

When I was working as a nurse full time and bringing up two children, one with special needs. I would write in the evenings and early mornings. My health dictated I change careers, I know write fulltime, my books, short stories and my blog. I also help others to share and write their story and collaborate with other writers and authors. I am very blessed that I now have a loving husband who supports me in this.

  • What factors made you choose a pen name?

I chose a pen name and to use made up names for the characters and places in my book to protect myself from any law suits and respect the privacy of the characters who are real life people and some are still alive.

  • When writing fiction and non-fiction what differences in your demeanor occur?

When I write fiction my imagination really shines through and I can take the reader into another world. When I write non fiction I write simply and to the point as though I am sharing a lesson or revelation.

  1. Where can readers find you and your books?

One can find me on my website;



Facebook group;




  1. Tell us more about your mentoring services. 

I offer one on one mentoring services where I can coach you through finishing your writing project. Sessions are done by email in hourly slots.

This is for anyone struggling with a writing project fiction or nonfiction or who would like to share their story and discover how writing can help you heal.


My name is Elise Brooke, I grew up in Hawkes Bay NZ.  My parents moved to NZ from England and South Africa, to create their New Zealand Dream, this quickly turned into my New Zealand nightmare. Writing is a very powerful healing tool, sharing your story can save lives. I have written and published two autobiographies in my book series “The New Zealand Dream,” by Sheila my pen name, I wrote this book to inspire and give hope to others.  

My passion is creative writing, I’ve been writing for 24 years in fiction and poetry and content.  I have published many articles and guest post and conduct interviews on my website I built from scratch. I am a writing coach/mentor I mentor people who would like to write and share their own stories.

Propaganda or Blogging..?

July 15, 2013

Propaganda – definition: information, ideas, or rumours widely spread

An award I’m so pleased to receive. I endeavor to encourage and support other writers here. We are a community like no other. So thank you EyE (before) E for nominating me.


The rules for the Most Influential Blogger Award are as follows . . .

Display the award logo on your blog.

Link back to the person who nominated you.

Answer seven questions.

Nominate (no limit on the number of nominations)

Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

The questions are:

1. If you could create your own planet what would it look like?

It would be similar to Earth but all animals (including humans) would live in harmony utilizing the natural resources.

2.If you could visit one nation you have never visited before. What nation would that be?

New Zealand

3. Have you ever taken a long distance train trip?

Unfortunately no but I would love to travel through the Canadian Rockies that way.

4. What is something you would collectively change about humanity?

That they learn from history and realize was and conflict never solve anything.

5. What is your favorite song?

Now this is difficult. I have many spanning my throughout my life but Have I Told You lately by Van Morrison is up there.

6. If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet?

Richard Attenborough

7. If you could choose one symbol to represent you, what would that symbol be? Why?

gemini-symbol-3I am a Gemini and do enjoy two sides of my personality. It works well when I write as I can go to dark or light places.

Who Knew Curio…?

March 9, 2013

Curio – definition: an object or article valued because it is strange or rare. As I soon found out there is also other curio’s out there I had no knowledge of. I’m going to share them with you because they are much too interesting not to.

Municipality Curio – is a district of Lugano in the incanton of Ticino in Switzerland. In December 2011 the entire population was 517 people. Can you imagine that? I can to be honest as I used to live in a small English village called Vernham Dean and spent my childhood in another small village called Upper Bucklebury (yes just up the hill from Bucklebury where Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge used to live – fancy that.)

Municipality Curio

Municipality Curio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Curio Bay is located at the southern  end of the South island of New Zealand. It’s claim to fame is the petrified forest remnants that can be seen. The forest grew there some 180 million years ago. It is also home to the rare yellow-eyed penguin with a colony of 1600 breeding pairs. All in all it must be a fascinating place to visit. It certainly peeks my interest for my love of nature and archeology.

Petrified forest at Curio Bay, Southland, New ...

Petrified forest at Curio Bay, Southland, New Zealand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Curio Coelius Secundus was the youngest of twenty-three children…yes I nearly fell of my chair too! He was the son of a Piedmontese nobleman – I hope he had more than one wife! Curio studied history and law at Turin and later labored zealously to spread the doctrines of the Protestant religion. He also wrote several theological and literary works. I still can’t get past the twenty-three children….!

English: Curio Coelius Secundus Philosophus De...

English: Curio Coelius Secundus Philosophus Deutsch: Curio Coelius Secundus Philosophus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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