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Infinite Inspirational Sources for Characters…

September 29, 2013

Nocturnal – definition: of, pertaining to, or active at night


There are numerous animals that roam in the night, adapted to life in the dark. One of my favorites is the bushbaby not just because it is the sweetest little bundle of fur but also because my parents nicknamed me, Bushbaby. I was a small child but had the largest blue eyes ever.  It is the bushbabies large orange eyes that are so special enabling perfect sight in the dark but none in daylight hours. The size of them restricts any movement so the creature is constantly turning its head as it travels in the treetops. If a human skull structure was similar our eyes would be the size of soccer balls.

When we create stories and characters things that interest us can be a great source of inspiration. Characteristics of a creature can be adapted for a fantasy personality. Take the bushbaby for instance. An alien that can see in the dark would be a great predator – this adaptation has been used in the movie Riddick.

It goes to show anything and everything can be inspirational if we keep an open mind.

Have you used a natural world adaptation in a character?

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