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A Return – Short Story of Passing…

August 10, 2016

I wrote this short story some years ago inspired by this image.

bench in tree

A Return  

Through flickering eyelashes I see a sky filled with cotton ball clouds. There is no breeze, no feeling of hot or cold just a peacefulness within me. I stand and look around at a familiar landscape. A village green lies before me, lush and green and surrounded by thatched cottages. This is my home. Heading toward my cottage on the far side of the green, a red object catches my eye. What is that? I haven’t seen it before. It is a large rectangle with a multitude of small windows on three sides and a big black box on the remaining side. What is this strange object? I don’t remember it being here before.

A roar behind me – I turn swiftly and am confronted with a large noisy vehicle of some kind, but where are the horses? It passes by at great speed and vanishes as quickly as it appeared. I must go home and find Frederick he will be able to explain these strange new things.

As I cross the green, I glance at the pond. It is full of overgrown bull rushes. The pond has never been so untidy, what is going on? Ahead I see my home and relief washes over me. That is my safe haven from these uneasy feelings growing within me. To my left is our favorite bench it is……encased in the tree. How can that be?

“Come back to me Edith.”


“Yes my love. I am here. You mustn’t dwell on our past.  We are together now. No need to go back and visit me.”

“Visit you? What are you saying?”

“We are together now for eternity. Your spirit doesn’t need to go back anymore.”

“I don’t understand. What happened?”

“You would come and visit me in my dreams after you had died. I loved you for that. But now I am here with you. “

“Died? We’re dead?”

“Yes my love. I had to wait for so long. You were so young. But now we are together forever.”


We all have ideas on reincarnation or life after death. I feel we meet our loved ones once again, including beloved pets. I imagine my parents walking coastal and woodland paths with all our dogs and paddling in the cool salty waves at the beach, together and happy. It is a comfort for me ‘knowing’ they are there enjoying their love forever more.

Do you have such a ‘belief’?


Alternative Living – Secondary Suites…

March 9, 2016

guest house

Secondary suites are known by a multitude of names – in-law suites, mother-in-law suite, granny flat, annex or accessory apartment. In other words, a self-contained living space for young or old, giving them independence but close by for assistance when required. The definition of a secondary suite is that it has its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living area. These spaces can also be used for rental income – either for the homeowners requiring extra income due to their own reduced income or for a single homeowner.

There are numerous adaptions to a single dwelling to create an annex. Suites can be over a garage, situated above or below the main floor of the main dwelling, or a guesthouse or garden suite. However, some suites, may not have all their amenities separate so share these with the main dwelling, such as kitchen or living room.

There are regulations concerning separate suites which vary from country to country and even state/province/county, so it is advisable to investigate what zoning or land use is permissible in your area before embarking on a plan for a suite.


Although many people think of these suites as an alternative to senior homes for their parents, they can be modified or used in other ways as explained above.Another use for a separate suite is a workplace for one or more employees. It keeps ‘work’ separate from home but with the benefit of no commute for the boss!


The expenditure to build or create a suite must be investigated properly to ensure that when the property is sold that expense is partially recouped.

The tiny house movement has given these annexes a new option too. Local authorities are beginning to see the benefit of extra housing spaces. Keep an eye on your area’s zoning criteria and make the best of it.

Have you encountered an in-law or rental suite? What were your thoughts on the pros and cons?

What would your perfect ‘annex’ consist of?




Parents Love Unconditionally…

September 13, 2013

Ardent – definition : 1. vehement; fierce 2. intensely devoted, eager, or enthusiastic; zealous

This word describes my parents love for their children and grandchildren perfectly. I lost my Father ten years ago and my Mother on 5th September, 2013. Their legacy of unconditional love, will live on in us all as we love and support each other at this devastating time. Their love for each other showed in everything they did. Together now for eternity.

We may not have been monetarily rich as a family but we never felt disadvantaged or poor as love and encouragement was limitless in our lives as we grew into caring, respectful adults. In turn we are showing our children the same fierce devotion to make them loving, caring people.

Night-night and God bless to the most wonderful parents anyone could ever wish for.

Mother & Fa

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