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Does Music Influence your Writing..?

May 10, 2013

Staccato – definition: having shortened and detached sounds when played or sung.

I have the great pleasure of having a sister in law who sings like an angel. She and a friend sung at my wedding and had the whole congregation spellbound. She and my brother now have three children who excel at music too.

Music was an important element in my childhood with my parents introducing my siblings and I to the classics but also tolerating our modern music. I was the heavy rock type into Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Status Quo and the like. The boy bands and baby faced singers did nothing for me although my school mates were obsessed with them. Each to their own I suppose.

With an eclectic taste in music now which ranges from rap to rock to contemporary, I prefer classical when writing. Do you have a favorite type of music when you write? Does it reflect your genre?


I found this article which links fantasy and music – very interesting. As well as the fact my fantasy centers around a travelling troubadour who spins his tales to the lords and ladies around the medieval English countryside. It must have been wonderful to hear the stories sung.

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