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Mother Nature’s Force…

November 10, 2013

Torrential – definition: 1. pertaining to or having the nature of a torrent (a sudden flow of water or rain; 2. violent, vehement, or impassioned flow of action or words.

tsunami2We are all reminded of nature’s pure force by events such as the devastating storm in the Philippine’s this week. We may build and cover the land mass with structures but they are no match for natural events. Typhoons, earthquakes, tsunami’s and volcanic eruptions all destroy that which we create with such ease, we are filled with fear and to some extent awe. These events bring into sharp focus how venerable we really are. Nature always has the upper hand no matter what contingencies we put in place. 

For me I am reminded of Pompeii, where volcanic ash suffocated its victims and preserved them for hundreds of years. In those days the story of what happened would have taken weeks, months or even years to spread. Today’s technology shows us immediate pictures of the devastation, the heart ache and grief. Aid agencies can react within hours to provide assistance and donations can be sent almost immediately.

However, we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature even in our modern day technology obsessed and filled world, all we can do is predict and take precautions and hope we can survive the torrent. Stay safe and watch out for each other.

Ruins of Pompeii and Vesuvius


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