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Time To Blog…

June 1, 2013

I’m not one to preach as I feel we all have our own journey to follow in whatever way suits us best. So today’s word – Homily – definition: a sermon, usually on a Biblical topic, and usually of a non-doctrinal nature – is one I will steer away from.

However, I do love to encourage other writers and enjoy sharing their tips and experience as well as mine own. Our isolation in this very personal craft doesn’t have to be total…social media can link us in a virtual community that benefits us all.

Today I am sharing Samantha’s post on finding time to blog, an essential part of a writer’s portfolio.


I would love to hear your blogging tips…

My ‘a post a day’ for 2013 is still going strong but any help is gratefully received.


Added link:

Tips for Writing Web Copy…

May 3, 2013

Hackneyed – definition: made commonplace or trite : stale : banal



The first thing that your web copy should not be is hackneyed! Whomever your target audience is, you need to interest them immediately (or soon after!) Taking time to get to know the client and understand how they want to be perceived will make your job easier. As you can see from this excellent advice:

This next link has some witty but seasoned advice:

I am researching (gradually) the intricacies of web copy and other writing skills as my freelance portfolio grows. Being open to new ideas and not being afraid to ask questions helps a great deal.

As writers we are always striving to be better and looking to experts and their work is a good place to start.

What is your experience of ‘learning’ a new skill?

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