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Writing Desk Update..

April 4, 2015

We all have a writing area of some sort. Although, some are fortunate to have a study or specified room for writing, others, like myself, have adapted part of a room. As I am presently re-reading Stephen King’s marvelous, On Writing, I thought an updated view of my writing space was in order. My initial ‘space’ was the seldom used dining room table. As you can see I have extended my dedicated space somewhat.

This first photo shows neat shelving…which soon increased with a larger unit. As well as carry-all’s for transporting books and promotional items to events and author readings.


Desk 2015

Inspiration wall has to be updated as well with two NaNoWriMo certificates. I just need to buy the frames and hang them up.


One such reading was at The Bookworm in Sherwood Park. I loved the promotional poster.Mett the Author

What changes have you made to your writing space? Care to share?

What’s Your Motivation for Writing – Money, Success or Satisfaction..?

July 21, 2014

What is your motivation for writing?

Let’s look at each scenario:


a) Money – we would all love to be a best seller and have fame and fortune like the ‘big’ names, such as Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and the like. However, we need to be realistic – firstly can we manage to get a publishing contract with a big publishing house? How many years are you willing to wait for that? If you use the self-publishing route how much of your time (unpaid) can you sacrifice for promotion? Should you give your work away?

These links will give you an idea of the practicalities of writing with monetary visions foremost:


b) Success – once again we should temper our expectations. Global sales are a dream we want to make real but maybe measure our success on more of a local level. Do you have your books in local bookstores, the library, offered at local events? The more you attend and promote within your own locality the more your ‘success’ becomes tangible. Articles in the local newspaper could have people approach or question you in regard to your being an author. Social media allows us to expand our locality, of course, but starting small will give us a firm basis from which to start. Never under estimate the power of word of mouth for promotion.

This link has a list of concepts:


c) Satisfaction – Although this is third on the list, I feel it is the most important of all, as having your words, ideas and stories readily available for people to read now and for future generations, is the penultimate success. Our narratives will be enjoyed and relayed long after we are gone. It is our legacy.

A tongue in cheek link:

Obviously, a mixture of all three of the above would be the perfect scenario.

What do you consider the most satisfying part of being a writer/author?

Taking Advantage – Good or Bad..?

August 13, 2013

Opportunistic – definition: trying to take immediate advantage, often unethically, so as to get possible benefit.

lost & found

This could develop into a contentious post so I will tread carefully. It is one thing to find a dropped bank note but a whole other spectrum of opportunity to find a wallet. Yes, I admit to enjoying a treat with a ‘lost & found’  bank note but a wallet or purse would be immediately handed into the local police station. These latter items contain, for the most part, a person’s life. Among the items would be credit cards, driver’s license, perhaps house and car keys, all manner of vital elements for that person. We have all lost items of significance at one time or another and know the absolute panic and frustration it leads to, so I, for one, would not hesitate to do the right thing.

Why the differential? Maybe because one banknote seems less vital somehow. So where is the separation point? One banknote, two or a couple of dozen? We all have our own ‘honesty’ meters – some are higher than others but in the end we have to live with the decision to hand it in or not.

An interesting article:


With so many ‘get it free now’ offers splashed across social media sites for e-books, are we taking advantage because we love that author and their work, or because it’s free? Is this a reflection of how we judge the worth of an author’s work? If the novel was not free would we still want to buy it? As writer’s and author’s we know how much time and effort goes into a novel – isn’t it worth some compensation? Some author’s view the ratings on particular sites as compensation enough even though they are giving away their hard work. After the promotion has finished there is no guarantee purchases will follow. So is it worth it?

What are your views on ‘free’ promotions?

Is the rating reward enough?

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