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Bibliophile’s Collective Tuesday – Book Title Changes and Kid’s Writing

August 31, 2021

We have looked at how book covers change from country to country, but how many titles have changed? Do you know?

I have altered a couple of my own titles as the story evolved and a better title came to mind. Initially, when I was writing my YA novella, Creature Hunt on Planet Toaria, the main character, a robotic protector was my focus. The working title was Bubble the Grubble as the initial story concept was for a younger audience. As the narrative formed it was obvious that the story would appeal to an older readership. So I changed the title to reflect that.

The other title, I changed was The Commodore’s Gift. Initially, this story was a writing exercise prompt on a writing retreat, using a random title. I was assigned ‘The Toymaker’ and wrote about Marcus, an exceptional toy-maker, and his capture by the Commodore. The completed story was 7900 words. Although, Marcus is still part of the completed novel, his role is significantly reduced.

Did you know the former titles for these famous novels?

First Impressions Became Pride and Prejudice. All’s Well That Ends Well Became War and Peace. The Un-Dead Became Dracula. The High-Bouncing Lover Became The Great Gatsby.Tomorrow Is Another Day Became Gone with the Wind. The Last Man in Europe Became 1984. The Return of the Shadow Became The Fellowship of the Ring. Strangers from Within Became Lord of the Flies. Second Coming Became ’Salem’s Lot.

Can you add to this list?

I attended an in-person event on Friday, the first since the pandemic began with members of my writing group. It was a local fun day for culture and sport. The main focus was to present the winner’s of our annual children’s writing contest with a book, which included their stories. As you can imagine it was a fun watching these young writers see their writing in a published book. We also promoted the monthly children’s writing workshop, so they can continue writing and improving their skills. Currently, the event is held virtually, so it is not limited to who can attend. Details are on the calendar. The workshops are held the second Thursday of every month. 6.30 pm MST

Do you know a young writer that would be interested?

Interview with Karen Magill…

January 13, 2013

Please welcome Karen Magill, a paranormal author of Missing Flowers.

Karen Magill

When you read the synopsis for this incredible book you will understand why I linked this interview to today’s word  – Enclave – definition: a distinct territorial, cultural, or social unit enclose within or as if within a foreign territory. It describes Karen’s heroine, Julie’s experience as she becomes immersed into two diverse worlds.

a)  Of the characters you have created or envisioned, which is your favorite & why?

My current favorite is one of my newest characters, Julie Seer. She is a psychic that has a past story. Julie has a special ability but in so many ways, she is so normal.

b)  Do you favor one type of genre or do you dabble in more than one?

I write paranormal. I have ventured into paranormal romance, paranormal action/adventure and my latest is paranormal mystery.

c)  What do you enjoy most about writing?

I like having control over events and for just a little while I am able to be a God and decide what is going to happen. That is until the characters take over and start guiding me on how to write.

d)  Have you got a favorite place to write?

I live in a two-bedroom apartment and I have my computer stand in the living room. I write there though there are times I will curl up on the couch and hand write notes and scenes.

e)  Do you plan your stories, or are you a seat of the pants style writer?

I have a basic idea of where I want to the story to go and what I want to happen but I am developing the habit of writing scenes then connecting everything together.

f)  What inspires your stories?

The history around me, my new series combines historical fact with paranormal fiction and the question ‘what if?’

 g)   What are you currently reading?

I am reading two books. One is Burlesque West by Becki L. Ross (reading that for research for my blog, Vancouver Vagabond) and I am reading Mind Hunter by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker – the story of a man who was instrumental in setting up the FBI’s serial crime unit.

h)  Do you have any odd habits or childhood stories?

I can’t think of anything I do that is really odd. Whenever I get stuck in writing, I put in the POISON CD, Flesh and Blood. Then I put on my headphones, turn the music up, and start writing. It usually helps.

i)   Do you have any pets?

No, I used to have cockatiel birds but I developed a rare allergy to them. A potentially fatal allergy

j)  Do you belong to a writing group? If so which one?

I always say that I don’t play well with others so I don’t really join writing groups or partner with others. I am kind of a loner that way.

k)  What age did you start writing stories/poems?

Ever since I learned how to put words together, I have written. I used to sell poems to people in high school for a quarter each.

l)  Do you have a book published? If so what is it called & where can readers purchase it?

Missing Flowers

I have three books published, all are available on Amazon. My first is a paranormal mystery entitled The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story; my second is a paranormal action/adventure called Let Us Play, A Rock ‘n Roll Love Letter (known as Mystique Rising in Kindle) and my latest is Missing Flowers. Missing Flowers is a paranormal mystery set in Vancouver, which incorporates historical fact with fiction and is published by Saga Books.

The Bond

m)  If you could meet one favorite author who would it be and why?

There are so many! I would love to meet Ann Rule and thank her for her stories, which feed my imagination. Danielle Steele once wrote me a letter and I would love to meet her and thank her for that and the inspiration it gave me. The list goes on and on. LOL

n)  If you could live anywhere in the world – where would it be?

Right now, I love living where I am. I enjoy this city and Vancouver has inspired my new series of books.

o)  What’s your  favorite movie of all time?

That is a difficult question. I like the movie Timeline with Paul Walker – travelling back in time is a fascination for me; Turk 182 with Timothy Hutton is a great story of a young man taking on local government for a good cause; The Crow with the late Brandon Lee fascinates me. I love movies that spark my imagination and may plant an idea for a future book.

p)  Where can readers find you and your blog?

My blog is at; my website is and I am on Facebook at : and my Facebook fan page is: . I am on twitter @KarenMagill

q)  Do you have plans or ideas for your next book?

I am working on my next book now. It is a continuation of the Julie Seer and Santoro Ricci series. It is set in Vancouver and focuses on the area and history of this city as well as a murder and the paranormal.

r)  Who is your best supporter/mentor/encourager?

That would have to be my parents. They have always supported me, made suggestions, and sometimes just listened. If it weren’t for them, I may have given up long ago.

Thank you for an awesome interview, Karen.

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