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Apologies…I was Cultivating Freelance Clients and Learning Small Business Yesterday!

October 20, 2015

Firstly may I apologize for not posting yesterday? I did post on Saturday a short horror story, The Keys, which I hoped would be enjoyed by all.

So the reason I was absent yesterday? I attended a local business symposium, which was informative, enlightening and a great networking opportunity. Hosted in conjunction with Small Business Week, the symposium covered digital marketing, succession planning and recruitment. Here is the agenda if you are interested.


The panelists were informed, erudite and forthcoming with their own experiences, which gave the audience a real connection. Questions were answered with honest problem solving remarks.

Although I have started a business plan several times, it has never been completed. After this event I vow to complete my plan. It is a vital element in succeeding.

I have three freelance leads from yesterday, so a great day all round.

Do you attend local business events?

What was your experience?

Social Media Use…..

May 5, 2011



With the ‘mind boggling’ amount of social media options available – we can quickly become addicted to chatting, posting, twitting and commenting. Of course as writers (and in some cases wanabee published authors) – we must have a ‘presence’ on the web but how can we balance it with the actual act of writing? There is certainly a lure towards the social side of the internet but it can eat up our time very easily.

I admit I can ‘lose’ hours just bouncing from one site to the next. Then comes the guilt – I have failed to increase my word count for my latest novel. My evening has been wasted – or has it? I do connect with a lot of other writers (famous or otherwise) and their experiences, knowledge and kinship have enriched my ‘solitary writing life’. So might I re-name this social media excursion away from my writing – an exploration of my art?

OK – it might be pushing the point a bit – but without these connections I would be a lesser writer and certainly not feel so blessed being a member of this society of creators.

How do you balance your writing with social media interruptions / use / connections?

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