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Do You Supersede One Story for Another..?

July 9, 2013

Supersede – definition: 1) to be set aside ; replace 2) to take the place of in a position of power, authority

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It is a writers bane to have numerous ideas clamoring inside our heads. Scribbled notes, outlines and partial stories populate our space, whether in our minds or a physical ‘filing’ system of some sort. These ideas tend to reveal themselves when we are in the midst of another project. Why is that? If we are lucky we can jot down the details and carry on but sometimes the new idea will not take second place.

We then have to make the decision whether the new idea should supersede the current work in progress or find a way to ‘ignore’ it’s incessant chatter. Sometimes after writing a simple story arc we are left in peace. However, other times no matter how much we try to disregard the formulating idea it wears us down.

This  phenomenon is not confined to new ideas, however. How many of you have been ‘reminded’ of an older project out of the blue? The project may have been set aside for a number of reasons and quite suddenly the answer to the problem becomes clear. A plot line reveals itself or a character is perfectly defined. With renewed enthusiasm  we return, excited to have found the answer after what can be weeks or even months.

Can you share an instance you experienced?

Conciliating Techniques…

July 5, 2013

ConciliateConciliate – definition: to overcome distrust or hostility : to reconcile

I’m sure several of us have experienced hostility of one kind or another in our lifetime. Whether it was bullying at school, a unpleasant neighbor or suffering conflict in our country. This quote says it all.

To find a way to conciliate is the hard part. Between countries with all the hidden agenda’s obviously takes many years on both sides but on a personal level, can it be easier? Emotions come into play and more often than not ‘fog’ our decision making.

When corporations have issues they use a conciliation process, whereby the opposing parties use a conciliator. It is this conciliator, who meets with the parties separately attempting to resolve the differences. The techniques used lower tensions, improve communications, interpret the issues, provide technical assistance, explore potential solutions and bring about a negotiated settlement.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? But on a personal level do you want someone to be a conciliator? Couples have the option of counselling and family conflicts can be resolved through a similar method. If the relationship is important enough we find a way to reconcile and hopefully in the process learn something about ourselves.

Have you used conciliation in a story? How did you alter your characters thought processes?

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