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Writing Desk Update..

April 4, 2015

We all have a writing area of some sort. Although, some are fortunate to have a study or specified room for writing, others, like myself, have adapted part of a room. As I am presently re-reading Stephen King’s marvelous, On Writing, I thought an updated view of my writing space was in order. My initial ‘space’ was the seldom used dining room table. As you can see I have extended my dedicated space somewhat.

This first photo shows neat shelving…which soon increased with a larger unit. As well as carry-all’s for transporting books and promotional items to events and author readings.


Desk 2015

Inspiration wall has to be updated as well with two NaNoWriMo certificates. I just need to buy the frames and hang them up.


One such reading was at The Bookworm in Sherwood Park. I loved the promotional poster.Mett the Author

What changes have you made to your writing space? Care to share?

Celebrate National Library Week and Write Your Library a Love Letter…

April 18, 2014


It’s National Library Week (April 13 – 19) in America – not a global celebration run simultaneously unfortunately but let’s take it to our corner of the world, shall we? Libraries have changed from the ‘quiet, echoing halls’ of bygone days into spaces enjoyed by all ages, classes and cultures. There is investment in new city libraries and fierce support for numerous small libraries in towns and small hamlets alike. As you can read in this article – libraries are well loved around the globe and have adapted to the needs of their visitors.  The range of traditional and modern buildings is striking.

I have included images of our new library, which my community is extremely proud of. The original looked like this. It served it’s community well and there is still a fondness for the ‘old’ building.

Old Strat library









The interior of the new one is spectacular – as you can see here. With numerous specialized spaces it caters to all.


















What is your library like? Do you love spending time there? Does it have a unique feature?

I enjoyed this article and thought we should write our own love letter to our library. So that is the fun prompt for this week. Mine is below.


Love Letter to Strathcona County library, Sherwood Park, Alberta.

With gleaming glass panels reflecting the light and spectacular artwork adorning your walls, you are a vision to behold. A comfortable chair nestled into an alcove embraces the solitary reader while communal study rooms and computer desks cater to the young and senior alike. Your glowing fireplace makes for a cozy reading nook or a place for conversation sitting on low sofas. The story tree changes with the seasons as children read and listen to fascinating words under its branches. You embrace all who enter and feed their minds. It is a privilege to call you my own and I love the hours I spend within your walls.

Share your library love letter below.





The Writing Process: Dialogue

February 5, 2014

Dialogue is a fundamental part of all narratives. Using it to good use and understanding how it moves the story along and gives our characters substance is worth studying.

The language used in our dialogue also plays an integral part in characterization. This link show a fascinating map of language in Europe.



Today’s word is…telecommute

January 15, 2013


Telecommute – Definition: work at home by the use of an electronic linkup with a central office.

Would this ability be a dream come true for you? Could you resist delving into your work in progress if it was so easily accessible? What sort of schedule would you come up with to balance official work and writing?

From my own experience of working from home, I can say I was very regimented in my working hours – probably too much so! I was at my desk at 9am worked through until 1 pm – took an hour’s lunch break then back at 2 pm to work until 5 pm. However, I was able to do a couple of loads of laundry and vacuum most days in my ‘tea breaks’ as well as enjoy an hour’s walk with my dog. It was near perfect, except for being alone all-day, apart from my canine companion. I did speak to many people on the telephone during the day but it was human contact I missed. Occasionally I would bump into a fellow dog walker during my lunchtime walk but that was it until the family came home. A lot of people were jealous but once I explained the practicalities, they were surprised at my regime and understood the implications better. Most revealed they could not stick to such a schedule. I then clarified that my boss would soon notice if the day-to-day work was not done! There is always a ‘cost’ to any arrangement.


At first glance this linkup seems perfect but in real terms maybe not. I can envisage a constant conflict of wants and needs even a feeling of guilt as you continue writing past your allotted break period. If I was given this capability now, I’m not sure I could be so regimented. Why you ask? Because at that time I was not writing – now it is too much of an obsession not to be lured into it.


So could you do it or are you doing it? What’s your routine?

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