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Mother Nature’s Fury..?

December 20, 2013

Fury – definition: 1. unrestrained or violent anger, rage, passion, or the like; 2. sudden violent power or force


Is it me or have there been an exceptional number of volcanic eruptions in 2013? That is not including earthquakes and tsunamis, which have also increased.

Could this be Mother Nature’s fury?

Has she had enough and is showing us how insignificant we really are? There is no human force that can resist or conquer a volcanic eruption or earthquake. We are at her mercy.

I follow a face book page by Gerri Bowen – not just for her wonderful books but also because she finds the most interesting facts about seismic events around the world. This year has been extraordinary full of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes globally.

As you can see from these links – the globe has numerous active volcanoes and some have erupted this year after being dormant for a long time.

When you actually see the fault lines crisscrossing and moving under the earth’s crust, it is a wonder there are not more. Volcanoes have links to each other many miles underground so it is not surprising when one erupts, others follow.


If you have not seen the movies, The Impossible, I highly recommend it. Not only is it a true story, which has every parent agonizing with the mother but the sheer enormity of the family’s situation and those of the people around them is mind numbing. You ask yourself, ‘how would I cope?’, ‘could I survive?’ ‘would I be able to save my family?’. It is a powerful story of an event that devastated a vast area of South Asia.

So as not to spoil the movie for you I will not divulge more.

Have you used a natural or man-made disaster in a novel or story?

I refer to a past World War in my novel, Life in Slake Patch, which resulted in the formation of a matriarchal ruled world. Excerpt:

“Surely these are pictures are wild imaging’s of a possessed person, Jacob?”

“Somewhat my thoughts at first, my young friend, but on closer inspection I have discovered this book was compiled as some sort of historic and societal recording.”

“But – men and women living together, it’s…?”

“Yes, inconceivable to our present way of life but obviously prior to the Grand War life was lived very differently.”

“Can such change have come about in three hundred years, do you think, Jacob?”

“It may seem difficult to your young ideals, Evan, but some change can evolve slowly and others quite quickly. Drastic events can mean extreme measures have to be made. Upon reflection I can see The Grand War was reason enough to change society in such a fundamental way.”

This novel is open to representation.

LifeinSlakePatch 002

Mother Nature’s Force…

November 10, 2013

Torrential – definition: 1. pertaining to or having the nature of a torrent (a sudden flow of water or rain; 2. violent, vehement, or impassioned flow of action or words.

tsunami2We are all reminded of nature’s pure force by events such as the devastating storm in the Philippine’s this week. We may build and cover the land mass with structures but they are no match for natural events. Typhoons, earthquakes, tsunami’s and volcanic eruptions all destroy that which we create with such ease, we are filled with fear and to some extent awe. These events bring into sharp focus how venerable we really are. Nature always has the upper hand no matter what contingencies we put in place. 

For me I am reminded of Pompeii, where volcanic ash suffocated its victims and preserved them for hundreds of years. In those days the story of what happened would have taken weeks, months or even years to spread. Today’s technology shows us immediate pictures of the devastation, the heart ache and grief. Aid agencies can react within hours to provide assistance and donations can be sent almost immediately.

However, we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature even in our modern day technology obsessed and filled world, all we can do is predict and take precautions and hope we can survive the torrent. Stay safe and watch out for each other.

Ruins of Pompeii and Vesuvius


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