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Another Road Trip in Alberta…

September 5, 2016


We are taking advantage of another long weekend and traveling west to Wildwood, then stopping over in Drayton Valley. Then an early start to take in the sights via the Brazeau Dam, Lodgepole, Yoho National Park, Kicking Horse Pass, Abraham Lake, Crescent Falls and onto Golden in British Columbia.

We were not so lucky this trip with wildlife – only spotted a herd of elk, a couple of deer, and several wild turkeys as well as a few osprey nests with chicks and one bald eagle – but the scenery is absolutely speculator. Alpine like valleys bordered with massive mountains and pine covered foothills.Stops at some wonderful places like Crescent Falls as I love water!

Sunday’s trip was to Radium Hot Springs and through to Invermere, a lake side town with a large arts and culture presence.

As I am scheduling this on Sunday night, I have no idea which route our trip home will take but as always there will be plenty of stops for photographs and to drink in the beauty around us. Possibly toward Banff but who knows as long as we are on the road enjoying the splendor, who cares?


What has been your favorite road trip?

Where did you go?

The Ultimate Cascade…

April 17, 2013

Cascade – definition: a steep usually small waterfall – a downward flow of something

I have always found flowing water an irresistible draw. Standing on a bridge I find myself leaning forward, wanting to flow with the river or stream. However, waterfalls are my true love. The sight of gallons of water falling, the sound of it pounding on rock and the feeling of tiny pinpricks of icy water touching my skin, is magical. I would like to share a poem I wrote, which is about Victoria Falls and my wish to return there some day.


My wish to return

To go full circle

Country of my birth

To receive my ashes

At life’s end

Nature’s power

Will take my essence

Become one

With life’s blood

Tumble and splash

To travel once again

In the heat

Witness the magnificence

Of animals and plants

Left so long ago

Water’s flow draws

My soul to it

No fear, or trepidation

Calmness and peace

In returning home

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