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Convoluted Trunk – A Writing Prompt…please submit.

April 4, 2013

Convoluted – definition: folded or curved in twisted windings : having convolutions

Isn’t this stunning? What kind of force could make the trunk wind around like that? Was it a natural event or a man-made one?  It’s certainly a great writing prompt if nothing else. Why not create something and come back and share it?  I will do the same then we can comment on each others?  Let’s have some fun for ‘hump’ day…ready, steady…go!

All these likes are wonderful …but where are the submissions????

















My submission –

Contorted bark straining in its perverse shape.

Deep crevices like lesions encircle the trunk.

Small twigs snarled within the constriction.

Twisted trunk baring scars of its abnormal form.

Tangled knots elongated.

Thick roots warped in their searching.

Deformed yet beautiful.

A wonder in its misshapen form.

I would love to read your response.

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