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The Ideas Come – Sparsely or Densely…

August 16, 2013

Sparse – definition: not thickly or densely planted


This post is, in some ways, a continuation of yesterday’s theme. When we are experiencing new places, people, cultures and the utter relaxation of a vacation, there is only a sparse amount of time, energy and actual willingness to distance ourselves from it all to write. The lure of vacation treats is strong – just go with it – refresh mind and body. I experienced this when I was in England. Apart from initializing pre-written and drafted blog posts once a day, I did no writing whatsoever for the whole two weeks. This is extremely rare for me but there was so much to enjoy and numerous people to see that it was not foremost in my mind. The bonus, of course, is the numerous photographs I took and events I experienced that can be incorporated into future projects.

images (4)

It is thought a ‘problem’ to have too many ideas – they densely populate our minds. Crowding out each other and jostling for attention. It can be frustrating when we are embroiled in a current project. We hastily jot down the details of the new idea, too frightened to leave it to chance that we will remember it later. This removes our mind set from progressing with our existing work, if only for a short time. These ‘breaks’ can either be a good thing – returning refreshed and with renewed vigor or a bad thing – lured into the new project and dissatisfied with the WIP.

How do you handle the sparse and dense periods of your writing life?

P.S. the top graph is for Chris McMullen who loves writing problems shown as mathematical problems!

Reverse Your Thinking…

July 29, 2013

Bouleversement – definition: complete overthrow : a reversal

I wanted to share this poem with you all:

And this magnificent piece of art.

English: he calls it bliss turmoil in pink bliss

English: he calls it bliss turmoil in pink bliss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All writers have some sort of inner turmoil, it is our motivation. This turmoil can change from moment to moment when we are struggling with a new project or settle on our minds after we send off submissions. A constant questioning of our talent and the words we have loving placed on screen or paper – has many of us unwilling to share them.

Be brave in your commitment, reverse your thinking and have confidence in yourself and your work. A first reading or an initial submission are rites of passage. The more you do the easier it becomes. The important thing to remember is you and your ‘voice’ are unique.

In the words of Oddball in the movie Kelly’s Heroes –

Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change? 

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