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Acquiesce – A Poem…

March 26, 2013

Acquiesce – definition: to accept, agree, or give consent by keeping silent or by not raising objections.

I wrote a poem on this word – I hope you like it. As always comments are more than welcome.


My Acquiesce, My Love

You break our date moments before you are to arrive

I gaze at my reflection, all dressed up

But I keep quiet and say it’s OK

Days goes past without a word

Tension builds within to call

But I refrain from becoming a burden

A knock at the door, it’s you

I’m overjoyed and smile thankfully

You give no apology just expect compliance

A crowded room, many strange faces

I cling to your arm, anxious

You shake my hand away, discarded

An offer you accept with no thought of me

Dismissed and shown the door

A bus trip home, crying in submission

You pick me up when it pleases

Dropped quickly when not

My obedience, my love I cling

Moments are all I am given

Treasured and remembered

Without you I am nothing

Mandy Eve-Barnett

21st March 2013


  1. Good job, Mandy – you have evoked in the many readers the emotions you obviously set out to share. The words were not empty – they were dipped in sadness, disappointment, but also desire and hope that is quickly resurrected with the smallest of notice. Oh, how we hang on those acknowledgements at times!


  2. This makes me dreadfully sad. I think your job here is done.


  3. So heartbreaking! I agree with the commenter above — I’d love to read a sequel poem where she kicks that punk to the curb. 🙂


  4. Powerful and heartbreaking. A punch in the gut, really.

    As a lover of happy endings, may I request that you follow this one up with a poem about how she dumps that worthless turd?


  5. Wow – the heartache is palpable. Well done Mandy.


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