Acquiesce – A Poem…

Acquiesce – definition: to accept, agree, or give consent by keeping silent or by not raising objections.

I wrote a poem on this word – I hope you like it. As always comments are more than welcome.


My Acquiesce, My Love

You break our date moments before you are to arrive

I gaze at my reflection, all dressed up

But I keep quiet and say it’s OK

Days goes past without a word

Tension builds within to call

But I refrain from becoming a burden

A knock at the door, it’s you

I’m overjoyed and smile thankfully

You give no apology just expect compliance

A crowded room, many strange faces

I cling to your arm, anxious

You shake my hand away, discarded

An offer you accept with no thought of me

Dismissed and shown the door

A bus trip home, crying in submission

You pick me up when it pleases

Dropped quickly when not

My obedience, my love I cling

Moments are all I am given

Treasured and remembered

Without you I am nothing

Mandy Eve-Barnett

21st March 2013

9 thoughts on “Acquiesce – A Poem…

  1. Good job, Mandy – you have evoked in the many readers the emotions you obviously set out to share. The words were not empty – they were dipped in sadness, disappointment, but also desire and hope that is quickly resurrected with the smallest of notice. Oh, how we hang on those acknowledgements at times!


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