Which Genre do you Choose..?

Emanate – definition: to send forth : to come forth : originate

Before sending our novels out into the world of publishing, whether in print or e-book form, we have to tackle the tricky question of which genre it comes under. This is by no means, an easy task, primarily because most story’s have more than one theme or cross genre’s in one way or another.


Take a look at this great post from Eye Dancers:


And this one from Savvy Writers:


Let’s look at some questions you should ask yourself.:

In your novel, what are the defining characteristics? Are there specific elements in your story that place it in one genre? Does the core conflict of your novel define it?  There may be a romance but if it is secondary to the main plot, your novel is not a romance. There are obvious genre’s such as fantasy and sci-fi and of course romance – its the sub-genres and ‘new’ genres that require some thought.

To help you define your genre, browse the book shelves of your local library or books store. See how the novels are categorized and read the back cover blurbs. With the short summaries you can get a feel for the genre and how your story will fit.

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