Trumpet Tune…or Strings..?

Clarion – definition: a kind of trumpet having a clear note

Trumpet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was the common name for a trumpet in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It was also used as the name for a 4′ organ reed stop, creating confusion whether clarion  refers to a type of trumpet or simply the upper register of the standard trumpet.

As a lover of baroque, I was also reminded of the Trumpet Voluntary, which is played on an organ or other English keyboards not a trumpet!  The name comes from the piece being played on the trumpet stop

Listen here:

And thereby ends your lesson for today!

On a personal note (forgive the pun!) my favorite instrument is the harp. When asked at school which instrument I wanted to play – the harp. What’s your second choice – the harp. Needless to say I didn’t get my wish. However, I was blessed, to meet in person, a wonderful harpist, Marisa Robles. She is a diminutive woman, even shorter than me! That was one of the excuses, I was too small to handle a harp. When I spoke to her I was in awe but did manage to ask about her finger tips. Many harpist’s have callus’ but Marisa’s fingers were sooth and soft. She explained to me that she took extra special care of them. Decades later, a good friend taught me a few bars on her harp – so wishes do come true, just not when or how we expect.

Marisa Robles.


What instrument is your favorite?

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