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Seasonal Writing Changes…

October 5, 2015

Weather can have quite an effect on our writing as it influences us emotionally and physically. Each season has its benefits.


Spring brings hope of warmth and plans conjured for outdoor pursuits, clearing of winter’s destruction and planting for summer blooms. It is also a time when a new project or idea may come forth. Use the short days and early evenings to plot, plan and create.summer

The sunshine and heat of summer tempts us outdoors to the wonderful variety of activities and abundance of the season. Looking at our writing area sends sharp pangs of guilt into our sub-conscious. I should be writing is its taunt. Remember experiences count as research so enjoy your summer. Find a quiet nook to write in the early mornings, or in a hotel lobby observing guests going back and forth or curling your toes in the sand on a beach. People watching is a trait a writer should indulge.Fall

Fall (Autumn) with its burst of colour and chilly winds encourages warmer clothing and the last hurray before the winter. The seasonal change turns our thoughts inward to postponed projects and the opportunity to begin them. Plotting, character development, and the first lines into a new story warms our Muse.winter

In Alberta, my homeland now, winter is severe. We experience extreme cold, lots of snowfall and limitations on outdoor pursuits. Obviously, some people relish the opportunity to ski, snowboard, sled etc. but for others it is a time of indoor pursuits and a hibernation mentality takes over. Secluded in your writing area, your focus can dwell on your writing, ignoring the cold, harsh weather outside.

As writers, we learn to use emotional, social, and climatic insights and feelings to the benefit of our craft. It gives us an idea how weather can effect a character’s situation or show the passing of time.

How do the different seasons affect your writing?


  1. Thanks for sharing. Great pics.


  2. Love your take on the seasons, and how you incorporate your writing life in the cycle. As we expand our gardening (and chickens!) with an eye toward self-sufficiency, Hubby and I are focusing more on those seasonal cycles as well.


    • I think we as humans are losing our connection to the seasons, which is a loss. All fruit and vegetables are freely available all year round and it takes the joy out of eating them (and the favour!).
      Thank you for your kind words.


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