Development of a Writing Space…

My first writing space was the dining room table. Obviously, not a perfect scenario as I would have to clear all my writing paraphernalia away, but it was a start. I would type for hours on my old laptop sitting on the sofa, at the dining table, perched on a bench while children practiced sports, at the local library – in fact anywhere I was allowed to write.

With a reorganization of the dining table end of the living room, I purchased a real writing desk. Coupled with my laptop there was an extra screen and a new desk organizer.

New Writing DEsk 001New Writing DEsk 003

Since then I have extended my writing space several times to include  more shelving, a new laptop, and an ever-evolving inspiration wall. The wheeled suitcases are packed with books, promotional items, display stands and table coverings for events. Ready at a moment’s notice!

Typewriter in situDSCF1974

Desk 20152015-08-31 17.38.12

new laptop

 Next on my wish list? A study of my own so I can shut myself away from the banal television shows and the constant noise!

One way or the other I will succeed.

How has your writing space developed?

7 thoughts on “Development of a Writing Space…

  1. I’m so jealous! My writing space is still wherever I can manage, usually on the couch with my laptop when home, or on my tablet if I can sneak time when out of the house. On occasion there’s even some writing tapped out on my phone.


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