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December 27, 2017



Due to a dreadful constant cough my energy has been at a low ebb so writing has taken a back seat as I try to get better. It is the worse possible timing over the festive season. Hopefully as I gradually get better my writing Muse will return.


Books:  The men are in Spain and the war is affecting them, as it would. Back home things have changed but stayed the same. Relationships are strained and letters are infrequent. Beautiful writing and character development.


Christmas books have been added to my pile – 300 writing prompts and Sleeping Beauties. Now to consider which King book to read first as I still have 11/22/63 to start. I admit Beauties is calling me.

What books did you get for Christmas?

Writing Tips:

Holiday’s tend to reek havoc on our writing schedule but there are ways of grabbing writing time.

Keep track of the number of words you write instead of how long you wrote.

Relax your normal rigorous writing timetable – take time to chill and observe.

Make the most of “un-scheduled” time – waiting for a flight, children’s rehearsals, a break for coffee during shopping.

Wake up earlier (or stay up later) than usual to ensure that you spend some time writing.

How do you find time to writing during the holidays?


  1. I became a night writer rather than an early morning writer because at night there was no end point (which made for some late nights). It’s very hard to stop writing when I’m in the zone. If I don’t get it down, I won’t recapture the wording. However, I would jot down scenes and conversations before work in the mornings. Something about the adrenaline of getting ready always gave me ideas. (Again, if I didn’t get them down, they’d be lost forever. Some of my best work was captured this way.) On days when I didn’t have to be out and had the day ahead of me, I wasn’t blessed with good ideas.


  2. Sorry to hear about your cough. There seem to be a lot of cough and chest problems this year. Hope you feel better soon.

    For me, holidays were the prime time to write because I worked so much at other times. For many years in a row, New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day were spent writing my novel or I’d never get it finished. Bringing in a new year at midnight became my hallmark. Not the last two years, though.


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